Day 10 # popsicle


Do you like popsicles?  Again playing around with involving the reader. Guess what the messages are?

See you soon!

Day 9 #Sun

0319161437[1]I love the sun. It  is the source of energy and so are all the hobbies and people that we love.


Oh I used colored pencils.

Day 8# Rainbow

I love the rainbow and was thinking how I can interpret it here.

Oh the color…


I love this idea of using gradients to express emotion.

Then of course I had to draw a rainbow. I had this idea that simply emerged. It is a fun way to  involve the reader with guessing part of the message. I feel I have to explore it.


I love this idea and will definitely keep working on it.  I remember this sweet student who looked up at the sky and saw a pretty rainbow after it had rained. At that moment all the cares just faded away.   I did see the wonderful rainbow.

wSee you soon!

Day #7 Bee

Just a playful way to remind ourselves to be good. She is also a character I am working on bringing to life in a picture book.  I do love bees and thinking they are much like is in a sense…they seem small but boy do they have a big job!0318161159a[1]

I used crayons and markets.

Seem you tomorrow!


Hippity Hoppity Easter!

I want to celebrate by making cards and just having fun with color. 0325161115

I am not sure about these eggs but I love the idea. I need to rethink the color. I am thinking teal, and yellow.



These letters that I tried to cut from paper just didn’t work but I had fun.


Day 5 # Flowers

I love nature and flowers!

I created this some time ago in illustrator.I had to paint it. I love the painted version much better.

Its my interpretation of the love I feel for  people, and nature. I really believe that I am like everyone else but I’m me and there’s no one like me…



Day #4 Beauty

Sorry about the picture quality here. I am working on it every time I post. LOL  

I painted this with watercolor pencils.  I am going to be playing around with several tools throughout this challenge.

I like the poems that replace images with words and the whole nature theme here…