Thankful and Blessed!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the support! Every like and addition to the little lemonade family means the world to me. It means that somehow my words have motivated you to imagine and play.


These are some of the ideas I cam up with last year. I had this crazy idea to share my words with you (the world) with this thing called typography. Turns out I don’t care too much for it but I do love love hand lettering and watercolor. Oh I am really thinking I should redo the I am thankful. I have glitter that needs using.

Starting December 2nd I will be doing a 15 day XMAS Love  themed journal challenge. I will post more about this on Nov.30. I am taking a mini sabbatical.  I will be painting but no other projects. I am nervous about that. I draw every day and set projects for myself. I am not sure I can do it. Wow I really do love hand lettering! I will just be reading and relaxing and nope not even going to pencil anything on my agenda.

Anyway I plan on making a few changes with some new routine posts.

Here is a preview:

  1. I spy Lettering -monthly posts of the amazing lettering I spy as I find it where I go. ( every 1st of the month and maybe another day.
  2. Lessons learned (every Sunday)
  3. themed challenges catered to holidays season activities.

My goal is imagine and play.

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat and be merry! I sure hope my cooking tastes good. It usually does its that this year I had added some new recipes!

Research for Hand Lettered Christmas Card



So I am creating a card for Christmas and needed to do a little research. I found these at Target. My favorite is this one! I will be teaching a how to create card and doing it all in 30 days as part of a challenge. Sign up for my class here

1108151038 1108151039

Hand Lettering 5000 or 10,000 times

1108151913a[2]I had a low point the other day with lettering. It is hard to keep your heart on the love and passion for what you are doing. You may get frustrated because you have a brilliant idea but the skills jut aren’t there yet. I drew and drew and then I thought I am going to keep things simple and decorate this jar. A little wonderland inspiration and my favorite color-well one of my favorite colors and here it is.  Never never give up!

Good Night

and just wanted to make a quick announcement that I changed my header image to a more festive one. I hope you enjoy it. Perhaps I should change to red for the holidays. Hit that like button if you like it. In a couple of weeks I will be starting the holiday 15 day challenge.

Let the kid do the drawing.

Yes I have been doing this lettering challenge and every day I sketch a quote with a theme. The class is awesome. If you are interested its the Nov. sketch challenge session on Skillshare. I free my mind and just draw-like I did when I was a kid.

Letter Theraphy


I had a tough week with a chatty class but I survived. They are good kids and it was a wonderful experience. Painting these letters free flow with no pencil first sketching really relaxes and opens your world of possibility.

Visual Arts

While guest teaching I cam across this book and became so inspired that I had to post it here. 0915151011a[1] 0915151009  0915151011b

This is the quote that blew me away.