Happy Halloween!


DIY Last Minute Goody Bags

So mom called me up last night asking me to put together some Halloween treats and here is what I came up with. I Kept it simple and used, baker’s twine, kraft bags and good old fashioned markers. I was thinking I should have gotten fancy and added a little Happy Halloween Hand Lettering but oh well. These came out cute. 1030141015 1030141015a

What treats are you working? Please take a picture and post it below thanks.

Life is …

well with Halloween in the air everyone seems to be in good spirits. I was thinking last night that I am sleeping better, have a whole lot more patience with the kids, and just feel happier…so what is different? I have been working on my hand lettering, taking some online classes and have just been working hard to realize my dreams. I am very excited.  So there is that magnificent love again….wow it changes so much….what are you loving these days…your hobbies, new job or Halloween and perhaps and new love?   Just get out there and feel the morning brings…let it hit your skin and just take a deep breath and say thank you for it all.

I want some advice please….

yes I do love to blog and have seen an increase in followers but I feel like I really haven’t found my style and my voice.  I noticed that many of you bloggers have tons of likes and comments on your posts. I am an admirer who needs some advice. I did print up a goal sheet and have plans for this blog. My plans are to host a contest, share the pie and cookie baking I will be doing for the holidays and will be starting a new hand drawn project every week.  I need help with tags, keywords and simply how to get found. Please comment below. I appreciate it.

Now this is creative!


A Pinterest Halloween…

just thought I would let you know that if you are pressed for time, not sure what to do for a costume or need some just treats  to take to school please check out pinterest. Let me know what you find. I did find this duct tape costume tutorial.

More Carvings and Costum Ideas

1019141134 1019141136 1019141136a 1019141141

These carvings are part of the Halloween Festivities they have at Disneyland. The carnival is cute and fun for kids. This celebration is not at all gory and you get to see your favorite pals in their costumes. If you can, go you should.

1018141054 1018141054a 1018141055

Party City has some really cute costumes and Disneyland has a really cute Anna and Elsa Costume….oh I should have taken a picture of them.

I am going to try pumpkin carving this weekend. What is your favorite childhood costume?