Pay Attention To Details

How any times have you heard this little saying.  So last night I tuned in to the making of FROZEN the Disney movie. I tuned in and was intrigued at how over 600 people worked together as an awesome team to create this amazing movie I have yet to see. I am not sure why I haven’t seen it because I think it is an amazing movie and story. So many little details come together to create the movie. I realized that it is in the details that we to can learn and create a masterpiece. The story was great but it didn’t come to life without the right gestures, settings, and every single element that makes this film seem everything but a fairytale.  It is a story of love and courage and embracing who you are. Who can’t relate to this.

My point is that no matter what a person does it has to be all in the details. My art, well I realize that I do love the purpose behind every quote and poem. The details and details of spacing and getting every letter right is what I need to focus on. I have had some great practice and will be posting my practice in the days to come.


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