Do what you love?

I tuned in to a special podcast about pursuing your passion and letting it happen organically. Go in to your passion as a hobby while still having a job to cover your finances. What a great podcast and it has me thinking. When do you really now if what you love to do is actually the right thing that you should be doing? I love love art and always have. I used to draw letters and make birthday cards when I was a kid just thinking it was nothing more than a hobby.  How do you know when it is time risk it and go for it. I guess it is all in the Cuba Gooding Jr. words from Jerry Maguire: you know when you know.I love the idea of taking ordinary items and combining them to create something unique and beautiful. This is why I love art, cooking, reading and music. I believe that this is my passion and I can make a difference. What is your passion?


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