The Game I Play…

so I have mentioned this before. I love to go to Hallmark to see all of the cute typography gifts. I like to look at colors and how they relate to the words. I love the ideas and the meanings behind each piece of art.






I am learning to take better pictures. This past week I have been thinking about what I love to do and that question that you should ask yourself. If money where no object what would you do everyday?

Honesty I would draw and write. Whenever I find myself drawing I just feel calm and a warmth in my heart that feels so relaxing. I guess it is like when I am super tired and then get so comfortable and feel myself slowly drifting into a deep sleep… I don’t know but I love art. I loved studying it in college. I love going to Michael’s. Today, I enjoyed using my water color pencils to paint flowers. I am working on this and will show you my progress soon. I lose track of time when I am working on my art-the kind of art prints I feature in my shop. My only problem is I look at my art and I say my ideas are awesome but the skill is not quite there. So the big question is answered? Have I found what I truly want to do. I am going to keep working and keep working. It is all about practice and more practice right?

Have a wonderful week!


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