About feeling like a kid in candy store

My first attempt at watercoloring. I posted this a few months back but wanted to look at it again. I feel good and full of faith with my art and hand lettering ideas. I am confident that with long hours of practice and more practice I will have great art. I love art and it is something I just enjoy doing. This past weekend I was looking for more tutorials and found this amazing article. It was all about building a career from something you actually enjoy doing. That you have to be open to unique ways that you can live your dream. For example some people love to sing and want to be a singer but they can’t sing. There is a whole world besides being a singer. One could write songs, work in a recording studio, teach music and so on.

I just feel amazing with this idea of hand lettering. What is interesting is that I remember thinking about my school days. I loved to draw and just found such comfort in it. I could draw anything I wanted too and in any color. I loved making mother’s day cards. I still do. Now I look at other people who are making a living by simply drawing and painting. Wow does this make me smile! I can earn a living by doing what I used to do as a kid. For now I am practicing my art and will be selling all of my art on etsy and other places. Oh thanks to everyone who gave me the amazing eye opening advice I needed.

What makes you smile? What makes you feel like a kid in a candy store?

Have a wonderful week.



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