Have you ever heard …

that you can’t keep doing the same thing you are doing and expect things to change.  I read this article and what impeccable timing. The article was about how successful people learn from mistakes and move on. Successful people make the changes and eventually get it right. I realize these days more than ever, what really makes me happy. It is in knowing that someone, and that someone these days is the children I have been guest teaching, learned something valuable and that knowledge is power. It is wonderful to know that you can learn something and potentially change the world. I realize that for me all I love to do is think about what motivates me and the words in a song or book.  All I want to do is do this share my thoughts via art and well the artwork I create. 08121413580812141346

Here is an update on my hand printing and drawing. It means the world to me that I can inspire others, especially children. I have been having a hard time working on my art and feeling down that it is taking time to prosper. I will give it all the time it needs. I am making changes and learning so much. I know it will be worth it. I have this idea that I would like to write a children’s book. How do I go about doing this? I am determined to find out.  What are you recognizing these days as the love that you want to pursue and focus on making the changes to make it happen?

Toy Storia Mania

So I played a little at Disneyland on Sunday. I had a great time. I know I have asked this question before but I still am reminded of it. On the ride you play a series of games to earn points. You also get a percentage accuracy. I scored high on the accuracy but little points. My family member scored twice as many points and received less accuracy. What is better and why? 0824140908a

Do what you love?

I tuned in to a special podcast about pursuing your passion and letting it happen organically. Go in to your passion as a hobby while still having a job to cover your finances. What a great podcast and it has me thinking. When do you really now if what you love to do is actually the right thing that you should be doing? I love love art and always have. I used to draw letters and make birthday cards when I was a kid just thinking it was nothing more than a hobby.  How do you know when it is time risk it and go for it. I guess it is all in the Cuba Gooding Jr. words from Jerry Maguire: you know when you know.I love the idea of taking ordinary items and combining them to create something unique and beautiful. This is why I love art, cooking, reading and music. I believe that this is my passion and I can make a difference. What is your passion?

Watercolor Update and new art challenge….

I have been practicing my art and I am sharing it with you because it reminds me that I am doing and not sitting back and dreaming about it. So here it is and I have to say not bad for my first try.







Inspired by some much needed walks with my dog Roxy.


This brings me to my challenge. I am going to create one new art a day. It may be hand drawn or in illustrator. I will go with what ever I am feeling and what pops in my head and the above is one of these ideas. Yes I know it is not perfect but it is a start I am proud of. Oh if you have experience with hand printing or water coloring I would love to know what you think.  The spacing in the hand lettering is way off. Oh the bottom right was done using warm water and the top right is in cold water. Supposedly warm water makes the colors more vibrant.  I don’t think I am liking this paper. Then again it is a kid tablet I picked up at Target. It is cold press 140 pound. What do you think? I used some basic brushes. Maybe I need a watercolor pen brush? What brand?


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-Have a wonderful week!


The Game I Play…

so I have mentioned this before. I love to go to Hallmark to see all of the cute typography gifts. I like to look at colors and how they relate to the words. I love the ideas and the meanings behind each piece of art.






I am learning to take better pictures. This past week I have been thinking about what I love to do and that question that you should ask yourself. If money where no object what would you do everyday?

Honesty I would draw and write. Whenever I find myself drawing I just feel calm and a warmth in my heart that feels so relaxing. I guess it is like when I am super tired and then get so comfortable and feel myself slowly drifting into a deep sleep… I don’t know but I love art. I loved studying it in college. I love going to Michael’s. Today, I enjoyed using my water color pencils to paint flowers. I am working on this and will show you my progress soon. I lose track of time when I am working on my art-the kind of art prints I feature in my shop. My only problem is I look at my art and I say my ideas are awesome but the skill is not quite there. So the big question is answered? Have I found what I truly want to do. I am going to keep working and keep working. It is all about practice and more practice right?

Have a wonderful week!


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What makes someone a winner?

To have your heart in the right place.

To know that what you truly win is far greater that a monetary price.

To know that little by little my blog is gaining fans.

To help others believe in themselves.

To have faith.

To know that it was about the journey that made you stronger, better, happier and ready to make someone else feel the same.

To…….fill in the blank? I want to know what you think? What makes you a winner?

Back To School Time…

I was checking on pinterest and there are some really cool how tutorials or pencil bags, memo boards and so on.

If you are a teacher, a student or mom getting ready for a new school year, I just wanted to say have a great year! It is hard to go back but we need to learn and work hard so that one day we can from time to time lay around and do the stuff we like to do in the summer more often. In the summer you relax and vacation more and just have time to play and enjoy worry free days. When we pursue our passion we have to work hard and working hard leads us to doing good and giving and financial freedom. Financial freedom is what lets us enjoy life more often. This is not to say that you can’t enjoy and love life with no money. I believe that you can. Learning and education is just very important and the more you know the better off you will be.

Her is a new art that I have been working on. I am working on new designs and will be giving 5 copies away to five random people who like this post. I will choose in a few days. I do appreciate all of the new subscribers and likes lately. It has been amazing! More designs to come to my shop and I have all of the supplies I need and today I will be working hard on hand lettering and I have to say my hand printing and style is coming along. johnny-appleseed