Okay I just love when I find exactly what I am looking for. Thank You! Thank You God!

Everybody Sucks in The Beginning

Ever feel like giving up…

do you ever feel like the task seems too big and that you have not enough time to finish it? I feel this way about my etsy shop. I guess this morning I simply need to take a breath of fresh air and get in the moment and work on my hand lettering. I need to talk myself out of losing focus…which is where this blog post comes in. I am getting off that train ride. I am focused and will take it step by step.

Making Enchilladas Today..

Or will I? Silly me forgot the broth. I always keep some on handy but this time I am out. I love to cook or bake. It does not always come out good but I enjoy the thrill of taking simple elements and creating something delicious for my family to enjoy. It makes me happy and smile. What do you enjoy?

Have a wonderful day!

Do we really not have enough time?

I was listening to this interesting podcast this morning. The topic is 10 myths creative people tell themselves. The one that I have been thinking about all day is time.

I don’t have enough time to devote to my passion. I don’t have time to learn this skill. I don’t have enough time to dedicate to my business dream. I don’t have time to workout.

I thought long and hard about this and realize that time isn’t really an issue for me. I make time…too much time at times if you can understand that. I research and become obsessed almost with all of the information I need. My problem is I don’t do enough practicing. I spend so much time on my art and dreams and but most of the time my time hasn’t been wisely used. It has, but it can be so much more focused.Okay so maybe I should be honest and say it hasn’t for the most part.

I need to kick things into gear and do it. That’s  why I posted my first try at hand lettering. I want to do good and the only way to do it is practice and more practice. I remember Ed Sheeran saying that to be really good at something you have to do it 5,000 times. He heard this from John Meyer. They followed their passions and are living their dreams today. I want to follow this but sometimes this pesky word gets in the way. Oh yes it is FEAR. This great big fear that tells me that you will put your heart and soul into this and if it flops then what. What will I do? Well to heck with fear. I am just going to keep on practicing and practicing. I am a talented artist.

Happy Sunday … and a few thoughts !

What are you saying about yourself? How does this relate to what is happening in your life? I have always believed and had faith in my dreams, life and God. Speaking these words and really living as though they have already come true is something that I can improve on. Today’s sermon addressed this today. You have to believe and say so, for in saying so it will come to pass. It is certainly true for David and the defeat of Goliath. Today in this blog I am saying so. I am blessed. I have opportunities coming my way. I have God’s promise. I am creative. I am a talented artist.

-Have a wonderful day!

Lessons from a beginner….


are as follows.

Start with easy fonts and work your way up to the hard ones.
Having the right supplies make all the difference.
Lighting is important otherwise you strain your eyes.

At least that is where I think I went wrong with my first attempts.

There are tons of alphabets to follow but in the end you create your own design and that is what hand lettering is.
Hand lettering is much easier than calligraphy.I am thinking.
Contrast is key.

I have been looking at various advertisements, posters and product labels. Complementary colors are also popular.

Here is what I have been learning. I found some hand lettering that inspires me and tried my best to copy. It is a start but I am excited to keep on learning.

Original Work Needs…

some personality. Here is really a before picture of my art and you can see that hand lettering with some watercolor pencils would make this art stand out. Hope you agree.
I choose the Lobster font because it is a simple sweet font.  Keep in mind I am exploring a variety of  alphabets. I think hand drawn would make my images pop. What do you think? As I work on hand lettering I will post updates here.

P.s. thanks to all of the new subscribers and likes. I appreciate it.