An update on this old post


I wrote the above post and read it just now. I realized something amazing. Cinderella , well how old was she? The point is she had to endure lots from her step sisters and step mother. Cinderella may have gone through so much but she never became bitter or angry or ….she stayed true to who she was. Cinderella is a loving, kind and compassionate soul. In the end she was worthy of a fairy godmother and a happily ever after and that is why her dreams came true. Yes dealing with these horrible women was hard work and not to mention all the chores she had to do. I guess the answer to my question is work hard, believe in yourself , never give up and if you feel like you can do something and you don’t want to give up then don’t. If you believe you can try then keep trying. Didn’t Henry Ford say something like this? Yes he did.

New Art….New Adventures at Disneyland





Love Disneyland around this time.

Here is some of my new art. I will teak the colors for the believe cake. All of my art can be found on etsy. I am still thinking about what new products to add to my shop. I am thinking a beach/shopping type of tote bag. I am still thinking about mugs and I like the idea of a decal sticker that you can add to notebooks, mugs, and so on. Have any ideas or resources I can learn from? Please comment below and let me know. I do appreciate all of your feedback. I get such wonderful advice!  I renewed my pass for Disneyland and just in time too! I hadn’t planned on going this year but my family insisted I do so and I did enjoy drawing at the imagineering drawing they have at California Adventure. I drew Olaf and a character from Monsters University. I hope to share pictures with you. I will be planning my summer calendar with fun crafts, projects and working hard on my shop to get ready for the holidays. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend! Thank you for all those who gave their lives and continue to do so in the name of what freedom means. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. let freedom ring!

-have a sweet day


Watercolor Painting

So I was in a classroom yesterday, as a guest teacher and the students were working on a poem/water color art project and I thought hey, what a wonderful opportunity to live up to my resolution of being more creative.


Here are my pictures:



I am going to have to get some of this paint next time I am at Target.  I have also been reading this book on creative thinking called Thinkertoys, and it really has given me some great ideas. Maybe I should mention a few of the techniques I have learned.  I have also been working on my art and this week I will be working on new items for my etsy shop. I have tons of new ideas and can’t wait to share them with you.

Please feel free to check out my shop and pinterest page. The links are on the right.

-have a sweet day

Giving Up On…..

Image Look at this picture. Imagine Cinderella, the sweet animal loving princess who is compassionate and kind.  The problem is not every one can have a wonderful life at the wave of a magic wand. Well here is the thought-it takes hard work and so much faith and passion. You also have to have a good purpose and work toward it with all of your heart. I have been thinking about this for some time and recently have been wondering how do you know what your happily ever after is? I mean say you know and it makes your heart lift to the sky as Amelia Earhart’s did the moment she first saw a plane.

Amelia knew what she wanted and she continued her journey. She always stayed true to who she was. I know so many people set out to do something and find it so hard to succeed and then decide to give up. I have read countless books and articles and they all say that sometimes you have to realize when it is time to close up shop. You have to know when the marriage is over. When you have outgrown your friends you move on. How do you know that you should really move on. I believe that there is this pesky thing inside each of us called fear. There is also a comfort zone. Each time we experience both, we want to close up shop and forgot about our true dreams. I mean success takes so much hard work and maybe the problems start to happen when we lose trust in ourselves and willingness to work harder than we ever dreamed we could. On the other hand, you do have to follow your heart and do what it tells you to do. But I still think about this question. How do you know what you are truly meant to do.

I remember as a kid I would always play store. I loved this and always thought that I wanted to run my own business. I am working on it. I figure that if I realize this then I am somewhere on the right track. It just is taking a lot longer…that is okay lord.

-Have a sweet day!