Some fun pictures from Las Vegas


This place needs no introduction.


The Forum Shops


Gardens at The Venetian


Gardens at the Palazzo. I do go the Bellagio gardens and what do you think happened…my phone battery died. Oh well I have the memories of being there.


I went to the M&M store and the Coca Cola store. Image

Luxor Hotel- the hotel we stayed at. I did lots more and wish I had taken more pictures of the Pink’s chilli dog and chilli fries I ate. They were so go and just how are the hot dogs so crisp when you bite into them…so good! I also had some coconut shrimp at the Outback steak house. They were also delicious. The place was on the fourth flour and the view was good and the service was amazing! Oh I also had a pink tale cocktail and should of taken a picture of this too. No I didn’t win but this is okay because I am a winner in other ways right.

Have a sweet day!


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