Making fudge…


Here are the ingredients and I forgot to include vanilla in the picture. The fudge is still in the fridge and will not be eaten until tomorrow. For the recipe please check out my sweet shop on my pinterest page. I did use a different brand and flavor of chocolate than the recipe called for.


I tried to get a picture of the fudge as I was stirring it and oh my, it smelled so good! The picture came out too blurry.  I felt inspired to write a new quote art.




-have a sweet day!

Drawing challenge

So one of the blogs I love to read had a wonderful idea, a 15 day challenge where you draw one object or scene a day. Thank you Whit and Whistle for inspiring me. I made a list of things I want to draw and here is my picture of the forth drawing.


I wasn’t going to post the drawing doubtingly, the ice cream and cone are proportioned wrong and my lines are crooked and …..well I decided to post the drawing. Why not, I like it and enjoyed doing it. I draw and have been drawing for a long time now…since I was a kid I guess.  I love it and it makes me happy. When it comes to my business and succeeding for some reason there used to be this fear that what if and doubting. I decided to heck with all that and just do it already and have fun. I say used to be because I feel less fearful than I ever have in a long time. I guess I recently learned that fear is always there but you have to build the positive so much more stronger and focus on this.

I do love to draw and plan to use this as am image for a poem about summer. Summer love, summer nights looking at the starts above. summer days when a glass of lemonade cools you down and so on. There is something like having a ice cream cone. I always remember going to Foster’s ice cream and getting a hot fudge sundae-such good times! Recently I posted a question about memories with baking or cooking on the etsy forums. So many people shared wonderful moments od baking with grandma and cooking for their spouse when they were merely dating and so on.  I am working on new art inspired by the stories. One of the stories is you guessed it ice cream. Ice cream is not my favorite treat but it is nice to have it in the summer.

What moment would you like to sharing about baking or cooking?

-have a sweet day



Free download card

Free download card

Happy Earth Day! I love walking out in the yard and lying with my dog and just feeling the warmth of the sun and the smell of the flowers and sounds of the birds singing. I wonder what they are saying and watch the tree branches saying ever so slightly and I draw and just take a deep breath and thank the lord up above that I am here,safe, free, filled with dreams and faith…….share this card with someone and never take this amazing world we live in for granted
What are some ways that you recycle, reduce and reuse?

Happy Easter!!

I am loved.

I am strong.

Everything is possible.

Mountains can be movied

Judge not one person.

Forgive yourself and FORGIVE OTHERS.

The greatest beauty and riches in all the world exist only in your heart and spirit.

Be humble:It is those you are grand that will be made humble and those that are humble that will be made grand.

The greatest love of all comes at a price. One must sacrifice and that is what makes it the most powerful emotion.

Love yourself and others as God loves you not as man loves.

I know I have said this before, but wow FORGIVENESS is everything and it is the greatest gift that love can give us.

Happy Easter!

Here is free printable card.

free printable card.
free printable card.




So here is a recent trip to Hallmark. I love this store and these products. Any idea how I could do something like this for my mugs and bags. ImageImageImage

For a complete list go to my pinterest page. Have one to share? Then comment below with your link and I will add it to my board.

-Have a sweet day!

Practically No-Sew Cosmetic Bag


The supplies I needed. I didn’t show the needle and thread.


Here is the finished bag. The glue is so sticky that it clogs the top of the glue cap. I had to use my finger to spread it evenly and it did take a few hours for the glue to dry. It was a very easy process. I think I may be better off sewing it.  What do you think? I am testing out different ideas. Maybe I should add a zipper instead of a button? I also plan on adding an I love cupcakes art image in pink right below the button. What do you think? I would love to have your comments. Checkout my art on my etsy page and let me know what other art you like and if you would like to see it on a tote bag or pillow or whatever.

Here is the link to this project. Try it for yourself. Send me a picture of your finished project.

Have a sweet day




-Have a sweet day!

Be Positive

Interesting thought….I looked at the attendance list and recognized a students name. I told her during class that I recognized her name, and her from a previous Kinder class I had subbed for. She looked at me and said,”You remember me because I got in trouble right?” Any I told her actually no. I remembered her for the cute little kinder girl who now loots so much grown up and taller in 5th grade. The point is yes this girl does have behavior issues in class and it lead me to think about my actions. I was glad that my memory of her was a positive one. I believe that it is important to focus on the positive with every child and treat them for who they can be and truly are. I truly believe that all children are good and it is the environment that surrounds them that makes all the difference. I once read this book  about how if you label someone they are more inclined to behave this way. Interesting thought. Often I am told by teachers to be strict and how some kids are “trouble makers and such”  Yes children need discipline but maybe with a little extra attention and understanding and focusing on what good they are then maybe behaviors will change. I don’t know but I certainly learned that every one needs to be treated with kindness. Sometimes it can be easy to get frustrated but the best thing to do is to look at them eye to eye in a calm voice and let them know that they are important and can do better. Like I said I try to be this way all the time and sometimes I do have a challenge. I am so appreciative of all the children and classrooms I get to be a part of because they help me grow in so many ways-gold bless them always!! be-positive

New artsmell-the-candy-copyI and graduation cards coming soon!