What am I an artist?

Here I saw feeling so low and how I had a long hard day. Then I checked my email and looked at some art. It was art from a new subscriber and I took a breath, a weight was lifted from my heart and suddenly all was calm and once again well. My vision was unclouded and yeah I realized that art is the only element that changes me and makes me feel like I can connect and feel and be and have a positive attitude. I can’t sing but if I could well I would because I love singing and dancing and how the words can connect you to the world really. I believe that with my art I can express myself and be carefree. I am going to work more on my pinterest and look for more projects and get the supplies I need for them this weekend.

http://www.pinterest.com/ibelieveinsugar/-here is my pinterest page. Come find me and send me links to a good pick me up, song book, amazing art and ect. Thanks.



have a sweet day

Birds flock together….

We they do and I should have taken a picture of it  this morning.  I realized in that moment that I just need to take a deep breath and get to it-my dreams that is. I have to make them happen. I have been so confused about what supplies to use and all that. I am going to take a break relax and enjoy and then I will get back to my goals of being creative. If you know of any craft sites please share them. If you have a project idea please let me know.

So if there is …

So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any incentive of love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection of sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in fill accord and of one mind……. Philippians 2:1-11


So this year I had a notion….a big feeling that enough already just do it and have faith. I never realized this until it was brought to my attention. Yes I know that you are your thoughts, but I would wake up everyday with an expectancy that someday and the problem is that someday is future. I need to live for today and expect great things to happen today. Make no mistake I am a happy person and try to live the best I can every day. Sure I am not perfect and I worry lot. I love the way I feel when I write and draw and create the art I do. Recently I really did say that hey I expect great things to happen today. I expect to have a great day. I said this and not only have I come to find fabulous advice and great inspiration but I actually got a sale today. A sale but you know as silly as it may sound it all starts with one sale and who knows, I could succeed at this and if not then it will lead to what will.

-a sweet life

Typography game

Yes I have started taking pictures and looking at color theory everywhere I go. I noticed that the In-In-Out logo is a great example on contrast with colors and font choice. I did have a good burger too but I suppose that is another blog post. Although it would be interested to take a road trip and try and figure out what would be the best burger in the world. Anyhow I have been working on my typography and am learning. Here is a first run of one that I worked on last night.Image

It is how I feel.

-have a sweet day!