For The Love Of Typography!

This weekend I went to the Natural History Museum and had a great time. The Silk Road exhibit was wonderful. I wish I could have take pictures but photography was not allowed. Then I went to a Hallmark store and found some very cool products featuring typography and here they are.


Poster Art-love these words


iphone case

Love what this says too.


coin purse or make-up bag


Memo board



A book carved into a letter s. So cool!


hugs and cookies by Lolita


My favorite!



I found this one at Lowe’s


These are napkins and you really can’t see it but it says I found the vodka it was hiding in the orange juice. LOL. Sorry about the blurry pictures.

I had a blast looking at the the typography art. I feel inspired to add some of my art on some new products. I like to create iphone cases, workbooks, coin purses and an apron. Positive words do make a sweet difference.

I also found some really cute ideas for Valentine’s Day and will be posting those next. I am still working on my to-do project list. This list coming this week.

-have a sweet day


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