Happy New Year everyone!

As 2013 comes to a close and 2014 begins, I feel the need to reflect on all the good that has happened and all the great yet to come.

I have a deeper understanding of what I want in life and what I need to do to get it. Perhaps I should say realize that I already have all I need. The only one holding me back is me.  So this year I am working on my art. I am penciling in projects. I will buy more supplies. Thank you to all of kind people who have critiqued my work and encourage me to keep on improving my skills.  Thank you to everyone who weren’t so kind. You have taught me that I need to forgive if I want to be forgiven. You teach me what it really means to love. I will continue to work on my goals.  For now here are some wonderful sites I have come to really love.

These sites are as follows

1. Pizzazzerie.com

2. Pinterest- Yes this has been around but its the first time I’ve used it and love it!


4.My Froggy Stuff you tube page

5.You Tube-there are really great craft, design and art how to videos.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year! I read this great article on Success.com and it was all about gathering the right tools to make your goals come true. I have a great idea of what I want to do and will think about what tools I need. I will post this up in a few days. I do this only to encourage myself.

-have a sweet day!

New blog style…hope you like it! I love the yellow and it just seems like something I would love to do. I am working on two new exciting posts: top awesomest posts of the year and my resolution. Happy reading.

So I wanted to bake cookies this year. It has been years since I made cookies to share them with family and friends for the holidays. I thought this year enough with the excuses and just do it. I did and here they are.


Spritz Cookies: I ran out of green dye and the cookie press broke



Almond Crescent Cookies


Thumbprint Cookies

Well here are some lessons I learned while baking. I do enjoy baking, but wow three different kids of cookies in one day! I have a new admiration for all the bakers who prepare all the goodies for dessert stations and bakeries and you name it. I mean all the work that goes in to making each one look so delightfully perfect is awesome. But then again they probably had help. I did put on the holiday music. Then switched the station to a song that really lifted my spirits: Roar by Katie Perry. Baking is good for the heart, of course when eaten responsibly.  It felt good to know that others enjoyed what I made with my own two hands. I enjoy sharing. It is amazing when we take what we love and share it with others. Not that I am giving myself this much credit but O lpved the way it makes me feel. I learned that no two bakers are the same. Both of them can bake the same type of cookie but it just will not taste the same. All three bakers have been baking for years and deliciousness takes much practice, right. I overheard a lady talk about making tamales for the first time. I guess she made a mistake because she said, “I tried and now I know what I did wrong for next time.” Yes my cookies were good but not like the ones I had before.  This is a great lesson that we are all unique and never compare.  I also thought about the America’s baking competition or even the Master Chef show. I got tired and turned the kitchen into a mess trying to bake my cookies. I can’t imagine doing it timed and under pressure. All those bakers and cooks are awesome! I believe in life there are bakers and there are those who love to eat them. Bakers love to bake and share with others. Those who love to eat just love the delicious sweetness that reminds them of home, of childhood, the holidays or you name it. Life needs bakers and those who love to eat the baked goods. Hey I think I have lots of ideas for new typography are! I also love my family and and happy with all the wonderful that is yet to come.

-i believe in sugar

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Does it feel like Christmas? I have noticed some changes in my attitude lately and yeah I do feel in the spirit of the holiday. Today for some reason I let it escape me and come to think of it the other day. All I can say is that I am only human. I have thought about my ways. Anyhow I am moving forward and make no mistake I am in the season of giving and appreciation for what truly matters in this lifetime.

My latest appreaciation

-watching the kids decorate stockings and they were all unique and good.

-my latest song “Let her go”, by possession

-wrapping gifts and shopping for others

-the smell of fresh pine because I miss the real Christmas trees

– and that I feel closer to God and continue to grow.


I am working on my art. Here is a sample of my work in progress.