What makes me feel so thankful…….

Someone telling me that I can’t always makes me achieve it. I know because I have.

Spending time with my family, having so much fun and not spending money to do it.

That I am in good health and have fully been able to recover on the occasions that I wasn’t.

There have been kind people all throughout my life.

That I will hold the above in my heart always.

Somehow God always knows what I need and has given it to me, even though I don’t agree sometimes.

For all the times when I have been able to stop myself and act out of love instead of ego.-yes I need to do this more.

For finally realizing that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. I am not perfect.

I have had the kind of laugh that makes you cry.

Sitting on the porch with my dog or taking a long walk.

Having this feeling, yes whimsical, that there is so much greatness yet to come.

Having great food.

For all of the musicians, who have me dancing to a song, and singing sporadically days after.

For all of the artists who have sculpted, painted or printed something that takes my break away.

That I am creative.

That spending hours doing something and not realizing is called passion and doing what you love.

I will be working on my typography art and improving my skill, and amen to all of the artists that are helping me!

Thank you god!

Thank you god!


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