A pie crust has to first become a crumbly mess for it to be part of something delicious.



What makes me feel so thankful…….

Someone telling me that I can’t always makes me achieve it. I know because I have.

Spending time with my family, having so much fun and not spending money to do it.

That I am in good health and have fully been able to recover on the occasions that I wasn’t.

There have been kind people all throughout my life.

That I will hold the above in my heart always.

Somehow God always knows what I need and has given it to me, even though I don’t agree sometimes.

For all the times when I have been able to stop myself and act out of love instead of ego.-yes I need to do this more.

For finally realizing that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. I am not perfect.

I have had the kind of laugh that makes you cry.

Sitting on the porch with my dog or taking a long walk.

Having this feeling, yes whimsical, that there is so much greatness yet to come.

Having great food.

For all of the musicians, who have me dancing to a song, and singing sporadically days after.

For all of the artists who have sculpted, painted or printed something that takes my break away.

That I am creative.

That spending hours doing something and not realizing is called passion and doing what you love.

I will be working on my typography art and improving my skill, and amen to all of the artists that are helping me!

Thank you god!

Thank you god!

What is your favorite dessert during the holidays?

We all have a favorite dessert that is part of what makes the holidays so special. The people in our lives also make the holidays special.  I love to eat pumpkin pie. I love Marie Callender’s  coconut creme pie with whipped cream.  There’s nothing like being surrounded by the people you love and enjoying good food. Sometimes you are reminded of past moments that were so much fun, you never forget them.

Thank you and may God Bless all those who defend our right to have the American Dream. For each of the children big and small who dream, thank!  I wanted to watch a webcast today of John Maxwell. It is about his latest book,”Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You Learn”  As I type this, I habitually typed the word lose instead of learn.  The word lose is all about ego and learn seems so much more positive and stronger.  These past few days I had a bit of an ego problem and yeah I learned.

Today right now I just felt the need to say thank you to all of the Veteran’s who gave their lives for us.  Thank you for defending the American Dream and God Bless!

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

New Greeting card collection.



This is one of my newest greeting cards for the holiday season. I have been working on these and taking pictures. I turned on Adele, opened the curtains, said a little prayer or two and set up my supplies. I began typing and here is one of my photos. I took several and here is one of them.