Who is your hero?

Well mine is … I thought carefully as I listened to today’s sermon. These days I don’t know how to answer the question.  I thought about the little girl who hasn’t forgotten her super hero. I have not forgotten about Wonder Woman.  As a little girl I would turn around a few times and image that I had turned into Wonder Woman, and could save the world.  Why is it important to have a hero? Why did the father ask us this question?

It’s because having a hero allows us to become closer to who we want to be:kind, humble, strong, confident, faithful, fearless,  and fill in the black.  It isn’t  that we don’t have these qualities but, speaking for myself, I need to live them more! We are not perfect and I know I am not perfect. Having a hero does give me positive energy, and a reinforcement of good behavior. Why was Wonder Woman my hero? Wonder Woman is smart, strong, confident, kind and she is never afraid to help others  even if it means she puts her life in danger. She recognizes that she has a tremendous gift and she uses it for the greater good instead of her own selfish reasons.

In church, we were also asked to read and learn more about the saints. Saints are examples of the real Wonder Women and Men of the world. I thought of my hero Saint. She is Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc had faith and she never ever gave up.  She had courage and became an only woman who lead the king’s army. Her quote,”For they lead me to victory, for that is what I asked of them.” Thanks to everyone who makes a difference in my world… for you are my hero.

-keeping it sweetImageImage

Oh thanks for the recent additions to the blog. Thanks and enjoy. I will be posting new art and greeting card collection coming on November 4. I will post more info here.


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