A day in the life of teaching?

0919130729Lessons learned from a tough week in class.

-Keep calm and have a little sugar.

-Do not make a habit of the above one and a jog works just as well.
-There is always a way to make it work
-When frustrated find new ways to make it work and you will.
Look for a positive side in everything and you’ll forget about all the hard stuff
and that is what this picture is all about
-Keep in mind what is truly important.
-Everyone wants to feel special.
-When you can help someone overcome it isĀ  a great feeling.
-Tell yourself you can and your body and heart will follow
-There are people who are smart and brilliant even, but have a problem staying still.

-God bless all teachers and students!

-a sweet life
stay tuned for a new print and greeting cards.