If at first you don’t succeed do you just give up?


This is one of my newest art prints. Kids everywhere are heading back to school. Young adults will start their first year in college, away from home perhaps and life will never be the same. I think about my business dreams and other personal goals. Here is what come to mind.

I realize that every kid can learn. Maybe they will start out doing bad in Math class or not be able to read, but by the end of the year they will be able to. Maybe you have an idea of what you want to do with your life and it does not seem like its going like you planned. Maybe it is going better. Who knows but I think faith is all about knowing that right now things are not they way you want them to be but in the end things have a way of working out.  So instead of giving up or giving in and stop trying you keep going. Everything and everyone has a purpose and it takes many tries but one can always succeed. I mean every time someone has beaten the odds, survived, over come the obstacle, did the unthinkable, did the unproven, and word it however you want, they did so on the faith that it could be done. This new school year may all of you take this advice and learn from you mistakes. Live for today and the promise of tomorrow. I know things have not exactly turned out as I planned but in the end I can honestly say that I guess God has a plan and I am not done living yet. I will keep working on my art and follow my heart.

What have you failed at and in spite of your failure you keep going and going?