Life is sweet!

Blooming White OrchidsNever take this for granted. I know that it may seem hard at times when we are faced with negative times and people. I am dedicating this post to some special people who have welcomed me and my family with such hospitality every time I have entered their home. We pray for them.  They are kind people  who on many times have shown good examples of what it means to be a good person. They were in a car accident a week ago and prayers and love are with them. We pray for their safe return home.  So far they are okay and getting better every day. I and my family are reminded of just how grateful we are to have one another- to be typing this right now and for those of you who will read it. Life is sweet because we have love and love is the greatest asset, gift, dessert, food, energy you name it that we could ever own.

-sweet attitude


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