Sweet People Making a Sweet Difference

I was in the doctor’s office an I came across this story that just melted my heart. It was about a girl who took $50 and turned it into so much more because she 0723131030wanted kids to have tooth brushes and toothpaste. A girl named Alyssa was only 8 years old when she was given the money by her grandma. Her grandma, in response to seeing her grandchildren receive so much Christmas gifts, wanted to teach them just how much sweeter it is to give. This amazing wonderful girl did just that. With her mom’s help she baked cupcakes and sold them in her neighborhood, She raised money and made a world a difference. What a wonderful example and reminder that we can always make a difference. We can always lend a helping hand. Magically this week I have been coming across example after example abut how important it  is to help others and never ever take for granted what truly matters.  Oh and a person is a person no matter how small-thanks Dr. Sues! Thanks Alyssa and may god bless you always.

Here is the full story!




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