Summer IS here!


I found these at Target and immediately thought I would share them. I did get a new phone by the way and am able to take pictures with it. I love my phone and love these marshmallows. They come in Fourth of July colors and in star shapes. How cute are they. I was thinking these would be great for pops or for smores.  What would you make with them?

On another note I have been slowly making progress on my art print? If you visit my etsy shop you will see the listings and a few pictures. Yes I know the pictures are in need of work but wait I just got some colored card stock as a background for my pictures. Anyway I am telling you all this because well it is officially summer and I love summer because it is a chance to have romance, try something new, adventure or in my case start my business. And Fourth of July is truly about celebrated the right and god given freedom to achieve what ever we choose-and the men who have and continue to defend it!

What will you do?

-sweet attitude


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