Another year and Heat has taken another championship.

Another year and Heat has taken another championship. It was awesome to see the game so close-both teams leaving everything on the court and taking it all. Within 30 seconds Heat may have taken the series. I mean both teams were neck to neck in wanting to win but in the end only one could win. Which leads me to think about something really important as I am about to head into my own business dreams. You could do everything right and have a great team but in the end in literally 30 seconds you could lose it all.  Both teams were great-obviously but Heat  was better enough to win. You could have it right there all ready to go, but you take your eye off the price and someone else will come in a take it. I am reminded by this true story of an Olympian who was running is race and winning. Then he lost faith and began to doubt thus taking his eye off the price. He looks back to see where and how close his opponents are and when he does he slows down. It is no surprise that he lost the game. Do not lose!  


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