Today is National Donut day! Free donuts at

Today is National Donut day! Free donuts at Krispy Creme!

Oh and around my town students are celebrating the official Summer break from school. Some are scared with thoughts of starting high school, others middle school, and others leaving school days and friends behind in pursuit of a dream and maybe in search of one. As a sub I enjoy many perks so to speak. One of them is discovering how many have true talents. I have come across artists, bakers, fashion designers, writers, poets and characters that could well be the next Barbara Walters or something like that. As often as I can I try to encourage all of them to pursue their dreams. I think of all of them, and this one boy who in a few months will head off to start his 8 year service in the Marines. Gold Bless you all. Hoping and dreaming are everything. Live and love and love to live. Why must we insist on measuring ourselves on material things or an airbrush on the cover of a magazine. We all want to be appreciated and loved.

So here is a sweet glass of lemonade and a cupcake raised to all of you..bless you today and always. May you always see over the mountain even when you keep falling during the climb.

-sweet attitude

p.s. I have written some special word art dedicated to these thoughts and will be releasing them June 16. So stay tuned!


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