Summer IS here!


I found these at Target and immediately thought I would share them. I did get a new phone by the way and am able to take pictures with it. I love my phone and love these marshmallows. They come in Fourth of July colors and in star shapes. How cute are they. I was thinking these would be great for pops or for smores.  What would you make with them?

On another note I have been slowly making progress on my art print? If you visit my etsy shop you will see the listings and a few pictures. Yes I know the pictures are in need of work but wait I just got some colored card stock as a background for my pictures. Anyway I am telling you all this because well it is officially summer and I love summer because it is a chance to have romance, try something new, adventure or in my case start my business. And Fourth of July is truly about celebrated the right and god given freedom to achieve what ever we choose-and the men who have and continue to defend it!

What will you do?

-sweet attitude

Another year and Heat has taken another championship.

Another year and Heat has taken another championship. It was awesome to see the game so close-both teams leaving everything on the court and taking it all. Within 30 seconds Heat may have taken the series. I mean both teams were neck to neck in wanting to win but in the end only one could win. Which leads me to think about something really important as I am about to head into my own business dreams. You could do everything right and have a great team but in the end in literally 30 seconds you could lose it all.  Both teams were great-obviously but Heat  was better enough to win. You could have it right there all ready to go, but you take your eye off the price and someone else will come in a take it. I am reminded by this true story of an Olympian who was running is race and winning. Then he lost faith and began to doubt thus taking his eye off the price. He looks back to see where and how close his opponents are and when he does he slows down. It is no surprise that he lost the game. Do not lose!  

I was watching a baking show the other

I was watching a baking show the other night and the contestants had to make a smore. They had to make the cracker, chocolate, and marshmallows from scratch. I am sure they tasted delicious  But here is the thing, they were shaped like a truffle. Imagine the bottom of the truffle is a cracker and  topped with the mallow and all bound by rich delicious chocolate. Sounds great now that I am recalling it. But there is one wonderful thing a traditional smore has: roasting the marshmallow.  Then you place  it between the chocolate and cracker. Best of all the mallow melts and spills out when you take that first bight and …it is just a gooey and delicious mess. I love it and oh I better add some stuff to my Target list!  I got to thinking that  no matter how fancy something or someone is it can never make up for the original sweet goodness that really makes it what it is!

Hey I just realized that I should get writing on this….word art here I come.

-Sweet Attitude

Today is National Donut day! Free donuts at

Today is National Donut day! Free donuts at Krispy Creme!

Oh and around my town students are celebrating the official Summer break from school. Some are scared with thoughts of starting high school, others middle school, and others leaving school days and friends behind in pursuit of a dream and maybe in search of one. As a sub I enjoy many perks so to speak. One of them is discovering how many have true talents. I have come across artists, bakers, fashion designers, writers, poets and characters that could well be the next Barbara Walters or something like that. As often as I can I try to encourage all of them to pursue their dreams. I think of all of them, and this one boy who in a few months will head off to start his 8 year service in the Marines. Gold Bless you all. Hoping and dreaming are everything. Live and love and love to live. Why must we insist on measuring ourselves on material things or an airbrush on the cover of a magazine. We all want to be appreciated and loved.

So here is a sweet glass of lemonade and a cupcake raised to all of you..bless you today and always. May you always see over the mountain even when you keep falling during the climb.

-sweet attitude

p.s. I have written some special word art dedicated to these thoughts and will be releasing them June 16. So stay tuned!

The definition of sweet is good humor or kindness. Okay so this is simply one definition. I realized something important this last week. It is so easy to get mad or frustrated. When a child misbehaves do you yell at the child and ask him or her to to stop misbehaving. No of course not.  But sometimes I do raise my voice and get frustrated. Sometimes it is hard to walk in a class and feel confident when you don’t know all of the rules. I have at times raised my voice in an effort to quiet the students down.  For the first time I felt at home and really in control without really being in control. I was consciously aware of  the choice I could make and I made a positive one. I mean I do well will most classes but sometimes it can be a challenge. I tried this technique that other teachers use. I say,” Oh class.” about three times. Each time I said it just a little bit slower and calmer. Each time they said, “Yes Yes” and  I was able to get my point across.


A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gal Abraham Lincoln

-Sweet Attitude