So I have been looking at the latest sweets and snacks to hit the shelves in stores soon.
Wow so many delicious new products: Hershey’s chocolate puddings, gummy candy that is actually good for you, energy shot bubble gum, Cold stone Chocolate bars, Chocolate shaped heels and cell phones or should I say Chocostyle and the list goes on. Here is a picture of what I think is a great representation of all the delicious flavors to come. Oh did I mention the new chocolate and candy packed with vitamins and energy boosting stuff…just read the labels and note the wonderful colors. If your are not smiling as you read this then oh I am sure you are.
-sweet attitude


Sweets and Snack expo is going on now. 

Sweets and Snack expo is going on now.  I can’t wait to see all the new exciting flavors and products.

Have been working on new word art. The

Have been working on new word art. The theme is all about having the courage to believe in yourself and take the journey to pursue your dreams and make a difference. Interesting enough I am getting ready to print up my art and selling officially on etsy…no more games. No more guessing what people will think. No more feeling vulnerable at the thought that I may fail or worse at something that I truly am passionate about. I will learn through trial and error and it will lead me down the direction I want to take. Here is one of my latest still in the rough draft stage although I am pretty proud of it just may list it up. Image

Candy Buttons and Keds.These are so cute.

Candy Buttons and Keds.These are so cute.


Where’s Waldo and chocolate bars…I love it! They

Where’s Waldo and chocolate bars…I love it! They are coming soon. Check it out here!

I will be taking my business to the next level this summer and I am so excited. I have tons of new designs coming up, french paper to order and the fancy food show and national stationary show is coming up! I will be posting all of my sweet findings.

here it is