The Power Is Yours

Today’s sub job is going great and fun. The lesson I learned is this. I was warned about five boys who misbehave. The teacher said to take away their recess and send them to the office. I decided that I would have a little chat with them and let them make the choice to do good. I read in a self help book that you have to treat people  for who they have the potential to be and not what they are doing. And I applied the powerful tool that people like to feel in control and make decisions for themselves. I talked to the boys and said,”Here are your options. You have the power to choose.” The boys are doing well- I write this during my lunch break.   Feeling like you have power is a positive thing. Usually this does the trick.


I have the power to create my own recipe and to find  the right ingredients to  make it happen.

The above is a new art print that I have been working on and what do you know today I proved it big time!  I am working on the layout design. Last night I came up with some great design tips too.

-sweet atitude


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