What I learned while selling chocolates

Yesterday I was helping my niece sell chocolates for her band class. For some reason not to many people wanted to buy. Here is what happened. I went up to people and simply asked if they wanted to buy some. For this I had to leave my comfort zone. The first three prospects said no thanks. Then I asked the forth person and she said, “Sure what kind do you have. I walked away with the thought that was previously in my head.  The  no thanks I had be hearing. The very nice lady called me back saying, “Where are you going, I said yes I will buy some candy?  Wow I was thinking negative and the opportunity to make a sale slipped right through my fingers. How many times has this happened to me, I wondered? What a great example of how  one can really become what they believe.  Life is like a box of chocolates you have to seize the opportunity to grab your favorite before its gone.For this printable art print please visit my etsy shop.

Oh here is a great book I want to check out.

-sweet attitude


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