Click here- Recipe for Macadamia White Chocolate Cupcakes

Recipe for Macadamia Whote Chocolate Cupcakes

I have to bake these!

The Power Is Yours

Today’s sub job is going great and fun. The lesson I learned is this. I was warned about five boys who misbehave. The teacher said to take away their recess and send them to the office. I decided that I would have a little chat with them and let them make the choice to do good. I read in a self help book that you have to treat people  for who they have the potential to be and not what they are doing. And I applied the powerful tool that people like to feel in control and make decisions for themselves. I talked to the boys and said,”Here are your options. You have the power to choose.” The boys are doing well- I write this during my lunch break.   Feeling like you have power is a positive thing. Usually this does the trick.


I have the power to create my own recipe and to find  the right ingredients to  make it happen.

The above is a new art print that I have been working on and what do you know today I proved it big time!  I am working on the layout design. Last night I came up with some great design tips too.

-sweet atitude

What I learned while selling chocolates

Yesterday I was helping my niece sell chocolates for her band class. For some reason not to many people wanted to buy. Here is what happened. I went up to people and simply asked if they wanted to buy some. For this I had to leave my comfort zone. The first three prospects said no thanks. Then I asked the forth person and she said, “Sure what kind do you have. I walked away with the thought that was previously in my head.  The  no thanks I had be hearing. The very nice lady called me back saying, “Where are you going, I said yes I will buy some candy?  Wow I was thinking negative and the opportunity to make a sale slipped right through my fingers. How many times has this happened to me, I wondered? What a great example of how  one can really become what they believe.  Life is like a box of chocolates you have to seize the opportunity to grab your favorite before its gone.For this printable art print please visit my etsy shop.

Oh here is a great book I want to check out.

-sweet attitude

I will be watching this because the etsy presentation really inspired me.

Chad Dickerson's blog

This Pando Monthly interview last week in NYC is easily the longest recorded interview I’ve ever done (one hour 45 minutes) and covers a wide variety of topics: my early days at Etsy, how we think about the IPO question, the importance of a liberal arts education, my first post-college job at Pizza Hut, my Southern roots, and Etsy’s new CFO Kristina Salen. I really enjoyed the interview. Sarah Lacy knows her stuff.

If you’re interested in the IPO question, be sure to read Etsy board member Fred Wilson’s post “The Third Way.”

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