Why Little Lemonade Studio?

Hi! I’m Myra, hopelessly in love with lettering and watercolor.  When I draw or paint everything is possible…even a flight to Neverland

Little Lemonade is a girl who’s adventurous, imaginative and playful – maybe I’ll write her story someday. I’m working on it.

For now I am the adventurous kid who draws with her heart.   I am an artist and this is my journey.  I am working on projects, products and most importantly picture books.

Thanks for stopping by, grab a glass of lemonade and have fun!  Thirsty for more fun please visit my resources page .

Check out my new Skillshare class: “Lettering: How To Say and Do It Your Way..” Use the link below to get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for only $0.99 for unlimited access to this and thousands of online classes.



Thank you for subscribing. ):):


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