cupcake taste test

Without realizing it I have been on a mission to taste cupcakes from different bakers.  I tried a Sprinkles cupcake a few weeks ago, and well that did not turn out the way I expected. I then went back to a featured baker that sells at Target. I am talking about the ones in the single packaging. The Vanilla cupcake is delicious and I love them. I then was going to try one from Walmart. Who knows how they taste? I did go to a local bakery and was about to buy a cupcake when I noticed a B grade on the window. What gives? I was so surprised as they are a cupcake wars winner! I then set my eyes on a cheesecake factory vanilla cupcake. I keep thinking about each one and how they are the same type of cake but yet each one is distinctive in taste and appearance. Some are not as good as you expect then to be and others are. Now that I think of it, much can be said about the people in my life and yours. Let me give this some thought and get writing.

-sweet attitude


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