Food for thought.

I blog about this every year and it never gets old. Food is important in our lives.Food is what keeps us living long healthy lives full of service. There is another important side of food. Whether we realize it or not food bears an emotion that comforts and nourishes. Some of your dearest memories are built on the wonderful food mom or grandma makes for us. How about the dads out there who make chilli or in my case tamales? Yes people food is something to think about. Why some of my holiday treats are sugar cookies. They do make my holidays. During the holidays we love to give and receive food gifts. When someone losses a loved one it is customary to give them food along with condolences. Food is important in our lives. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Hey its the way to my heart too. The point is that food and for me especially sweets are a wonderful treat that even in sad times can comfort us. Once in a while it is okay and even necessary to nourish our bodies. Hey its cold outside so today take a little longer warming up with coffee or hot cocoa and take in a fresh breath,  and enjoy your day. Live today with love and passion. Live with a peaceful gratitude for everything you have been blessed with because, let me tell you, you are blessed.

-sweet attitude


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