What makes a person succeed?


This five letter word is the most powerful one there is. I mean having faith means you believe and when you believe… who can really stop you.  Right now close your eyes and think about the time when you felt on fire, charged and then came the exhilaration of glory.  I have been reading a great book and it is about Joan Of Arc. What an extraordinary woman. She believed in herself and made the whole world believe in her! I can’t wait to finish the book and really think about her and what I can learn from her.

Do you always succeed when you have faith?  How else can you achieve without a positive belief that you can and will do it.  I mean sometimes I have failed.  Okay I make many mistakes, but after every stumble I have felt this inner peace, this comfort, and light that makes me feel that things will be okay.  I can easily breath and say,” Maybe I went down the wrong path today, but tomorrow is another day to get it right!  Is this not what faith is?  Thank You Lord for this wonderful feeling. My goal is to work on keeping this light going strong and continuing with my dreams and helping others succeed.

This week I will be looking at all the supplies for my business adventure and doing finances.   God bless all of you and keep the faith.

Share your thoughts-faith and success! La Vida Dulce

The American Girl Experience

I have been thinking about this so much lately. I mean why oh why spend $105 dollars on a doll and $150 on her accessories like sweets, bake essentials and matching table. I must admit that the quality and craftsmanship are exquisite. I have been to the American Girl store a couple of times.  I do love the store. Some of the features are a bit much though. I mean really spending money to have your doll’s hair curled or have her ears pierced. It will cost you only $30. This last time I was there I saw countless girls running around saying I want this and that and filling there huge signature American Girl shopping bags. You name it and they sell. Where are the dolls these girls have?  Most where carried upside down or given to mom or dad to carry. Or even aunts.-Yes I carried little Lanie.  I can’t imagine putting pretty little box after pretty little box in my bag and not having a problem swiping my card for $400 so my daughter can have some play toys.   Maybe its because my value of a dollar is quite different than say a millionaires or the like? I would have loved to have little Lanie when I was a little girl. My doll was Baby Skates. I know there is controversy with these dolls because of how much they cost.

Look at the mission.

Celebrating girls and all that they can be

Learn more about American Girl and our passion for who girls are today and who they can become tomorrow.

If you watch the movies and read the books you can understand what the girls represent.  Its wonderful that girls have an experience filled with hopes and dreams.  Kit dreams of becoming a writer and Molly wants to be the Miss Victory. These girls have hopes and dreams and want to make a difference in the community and do. This kind of mentoring and experience is priceless.  Every child has hopes and dreams and these beautiful dolls embrace this and what a wonderful idea! I still can’t hope to wonder about the cost of the dolls and the fact that they are made in China.  How much do they really cost to make? I love these dolls but sometimes there has to be a limit right. I mean people spend at least $400 for one doll when you add the accessories, and tea and pictures and hair curling and … everything else they have. I draw the line at a doll. I will be buying my daughter the books and movies for sure and maybe a mini doll and maybe Lani.  But yes there has to be a limit I say. I am doing everything to encourage my niece to hold on to her dreams and fly like an eagle to make them come true! Do we really need to spend thousands of dollars to make this happen?

The American Girl Experience is what I dream of at my age today? …

La Dulce Vida

Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

Kick Off 2012 with Project 365.


So awesome must see this. In N Out cupcakes are awesome. I want one.

New Year New Topics

Topics I want to explore. Why some people succeed and others don’t. Why spend $100 on a doll and $200 for play items clothes?..yes the American girl experience.  Oh I am reading this great book on Joan of Arc. 

La Dulce Vida