Having a hobby

Having a hobby lets you get back to your childhood. You get to do what you love and love what you do. You get to relax and do something for you. You get to take time off from the person who has to worry about the bills getting paid. You get to take time off from worrying about the future. You are the one who has to be prepared for what life throws at you. It really is up to you to take the sour lemon and make something extraordinary with it. Having a hobby is a great way to reconnect and feel better about who you are. Today I feel thankful and happy. I believe in my hobby and that little girl inside me that cries while watching  the Toy Story 3 movie. Besides many people succeed in life due to their hobby. How about those lego building guys that build amazing things at Lego Land! How about the chefs out there like Emeril.

Love What You Do… Do What You Love

There is no greater emotion than love. Love is magical it makes you see what you never could before. Love lets you live. I love fairy tales and what’s wrong with wanting to be a princess. I don’t want to be rescued or have prince charming show up at my door and save me. I want and need to save myself. What I want is to know that I have rescued someone and made a difference and because of that difference be rescued right back. I love a great romance story. I believe in romance and what’s wrong with that? I love sugar…in moderation of course. I love a stroll in the sun and to cook a great meal. I love helping people. There is no greater reward than seeing the look and smile on someone’s face when they have been helped. I love nature and animals and all of these things make me feel alive and like I can do anything.¬† What do you love?

The Sweet Life

Life is as sweet as you make it.

You can choose to wine over how sour a lemon is.

Or you can choose to add sugar for a sweet and sour twist.

A sweet and sour twist is refreshing and delightful.