You deserve It!

This is an older post that I decided to re post.  Again I have been racking my brain and looking withing my heart to create a business doing something I love. And I love this idea.

I post it as a reminder of where I need to build life…

You deserve to have the cherry on top… to have your name in shiny lights to be heard. To be just who you want to be.  You  deserve the these rights and  so does everyone.

Here goes.  A white gable box filled with unique candy and sweets like peanut butter and jelly rice crispy treats, jelly belly fun flavors candies, brownies that are actually good for you, tomato salted almonds and oh have I made your mouth water?  Included is a  scroll that reads

You deserve to have the cherry on top… to have your name in shiny lights to be heard. To be just who you want to be.  You  deserve the these rights and  so does everyone.

The gift tag and ribbon and tissue paper are yellow or teal colored.  The gift tag can contain the persons initials.

I plan to create gift items like this one and the gable boxes will be filled with five to seven items packed with flavor adventure and will change every season to keep up with the unique flavors I come across. There are many!

So come along and take this journey with me and not to worry I love sweets and am keeping out on the best there is in California and stuff that is healthy for you too!  I am also considering the environment and will use many recycled gift wrapping choices. I will be teaching business in the fall and hope to use my experience to change the community.

Here is a sweet thought. Do you believe in miracles. You should be thinking yes with no thoughts. Do not be amazed when you here about a miracle. Of course miracles happen with the grace of God.

Floral arrangements that really take the cake.

What a really sweet idea? Love it! From now on I will be posting more often on all the sweet treats I come across and sweet ideas.

What would you do?

What would you do if the odds were against you? Would you believe in miracles. What if everything pointed to the worst road? Would you have the courage to take yourself down the best road? Could you find it? What would you do and more importantly what do you do? Sometimes fear and ego tempt us and we get so lost that we forget to believe in miracles.

Well I believe in miracles and I believe in all that is wonderful and good.  I believe in me and I believe in you!

Mind Over Matter?

A few days ago I got some news that was so depressing and discouraging. I felt so hopeless and could not find a way out.  Or so it seemed. You see I felt lost and in such a sate of vulnerability. All I wanted was to have a good cry and then something powerful came over me. I began to realize that I must find…a way out!  And I realized that my only choice to stop the fear and the ache in my heart was to think of solutions. That is to believe that everything is going to be okay.  What other choice do I have? There is nothing more worse than the feeling you feel of fear and despair. Your heart aches, your stomach is in knots, you feel out of control and just don’t know what to do.  This feeling is much worse than what causes the fear.  Here’s what happened after I had a change of heart.  Some students acknowledged me with a smile. I am a substitute teacher and it is always nice when they smile and say, “I remember you.  I got invited to an Easter gathering. She was so nice about it and I needed that. God bless her and her family.   I found out that the solutions were there for the taking, and the sun came out.  Thank you Jesus! So the sweet life is one where you believe in your mind and in your heart good and you will attract good.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

What is your passion?

What is my passion and what am I truly here for? I know this is holy week and I am glad that Jesus loves me. But this question has been boggling my mind for some time. How is it that so many others have found their passion and are truly happy. I am praying and seeking an answer. I do love to teach others. I have decided that I would love to teach business. I also want to start a business and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  Lord help me find my way. I trust you.

Have you ever lost your way only to find it? How did you do it? What obstacles have you faced and against all odds you came out strong?

Do you read the lables?

Okay I am not talking about the labels on the cookie bag which tell us how much fat and cholesterol we are about to consume.  Sure it is important to read these labels but, I am talking about the labels that we allow others to place on ourselves. These labels set us up and lead us looking for all the right things in all the wrong places.  Generally we are all good people capable of doing great things but we often times second guess ourselves because of labels.  I  have been reading this book and well today I sat down and made a list of 39 labels!

Yes I listed labels that I use to define myself. Wow I am amazed by the labels that I came up with. That was a little to easy but I reviewed it and here is what I came up with.

  • I organized my labels into three categories of labels: skills, characteristics and just straight out mean labels. Labels that have attached to my shoe like dog poop that you just can’t get rid of.
  • Characteristics like connector, creative, resourceful, communicator, affectionate, passionate, lover and helpful
  • Skills like writer, dancer, seeker, and innovator
  • Mean and excuse type labels like passive, weak, messy, shy, quiet, ditz,loser, stupid

What I learned is that these labels define me and the skills are great and rally capture the true me that leads to happiness. The mean labels are truly mean and not necessary. There are some labels like stupid that are so wrong. Of course I am not stupid because people make mistakes all the time. I can focus more on my great qualities and this will help me let go of the pesky labels that really hurt me. I mean someone can say what they want and it is up to me to choose my response.   Oh and there are some positives to these mean labels. I know what I need to work on and eliminate.  And I am shy sure but its because I love listening to other people.  And as for a loser well I much rather have other people win. I don’t mind being the cheerleader. Yes I know everyone can be a winner!

I remember this guest on Oprah. He was talking about blacks and perhaps using the word N.  Others were offended and Oprah sat with all the confidence in the world and said,” You didn’t offend me because I know who I am .  Okay I don’t remember the exact words but I will never forget this.

That is some sweet advice for a sweet life. Make your own list and tell me what you learn abut your true self and the error of your ways!

Top 7 things that make me feel good

1. Sour gummy worms

2. Dancing the hungry eyes song from Dirty Dancing.

3. Harry Potter

4. Being a guest teacher among a 1st grade class

5. Knowing that I have helped someone

6. Cake

7. Feeling beautiful without any make-up or hair do.