Do You Wish The Glass Slipper Would Fit?

The more important question you could ask yourself these days is, what do you want? I have always had an idea that I was meant for great things. That some day the tables would turn and I would be the one on some talk show telling everyone how I became successful. Not just this but telling everyone how to do it better. My words would be somewhere along the lines of “Follow your heart and let passion guide you. The problem is… sure I do want to always follow my heart.

Yes I will admit I want to fit in the glass slipper.  The one that was made just for me. I want to be rescued in every sense of the word and as Julia Robert’s puts it in Pretty Woman, rescue him right back.

Wait a minute to rescue someone don’t I have to rescue my self first.  I seem to have forgotten all about this part.  This is the hardest part of being human. We have experiences that hurt so much we forget who we really are and what we want. The reflection in the mirror becomes glimpses of the labels that everyone sticks on us.  Think about labels right now. Go ahead close your eyes and imagine this right now. Wow these labels are what hurt us way more than the people who do.

SO what do I want? I want a beautiful shop that is designed like a living room meant for entertainment and filled with sweets and gift packages that inspire others to live their fullest life. I want to grow a garden and occasionally have breakfast outside.  I want a man who loves me for me and not because I look good in a mini skirt.   Not that I would not mind the compliment. Hey I am only human.  Someone who has passion, drive and the grace of god to make a better day for everyone.  I want to cook it up once a month or who knows when and have anyone who wants to come over and have good food and conversation. I want to be healthy and have a house somewhere in Acapulco where I can go and get away to rejuvenate. I want to be able to see people in need and say here I will pay your bills or I will help you realize your dream.

I truly feel love in my heart and want to genuinely be a good person and a deeper connection with god. The only problem is what is truly in my heart. My heart is the only source of truth. Everything else I must let go. By everything I mean anger, fear, worry, acceptance, guilt, resentment, conditional love, and temptation. Oh and everything I Left out.

This week I am working on a collage of words that inspire me and pictures that share the life I want. What does my glass slipper look like? No I guess I do not wish Cinderella’s glass slipper would fit.I want my happily ever after.  I never wanted or was interested in things. Sure I want to dress nice and boy do I have a knack for selecting the most expensive things!

I pledge to love myself . Mireya Pizarro you are kind, loving and remember all those hugs you got from the class you sub for. Love that! Mireya you are the daughter of the most high!  Most of the time you help people out no matter what just because it feels so good to help someone out.  Hey I am only human and sometimes I get an ego trip.

I invite you to think about what is in your heart and really think about what you want in life and believe you deserve it because you do!


2 thoughts on “Do You Wish The Glass Slipper Would Fit?

  1. many of us forget to take care of ourselves along this journey. its something that i need to be conscious about everyday! too easy to not eat well, ignore my feelings, make all of my efforts to help others.

    thank you for your beautiful blog.
    for your beautiful post.
    excited to get to know you.


  2. Glad you enjoyed. I am proud of this writing and feel great knowing others can benefit from it too.

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