It’s You

How many times do you say to yourself,” Why do these things happen to me? Why don’t they understand me? Why can’t I find a good man? Why is she or he mean to me? What have I done to deserve this?

Well I will be honest and admit that this is something I say too much. I know and always try to look at my thoughts and actions in every disagreement or negative situation. I have always known to recognize my faults in the situation. Somehow I missed the part of going deep within me to look at why the experiences I am having are happening.   Everything in my life is a result of what I think of myself.

Someone who has it going on on the inside is not going to sit around with a pathetic face and think  why is she saying that about me or why is this happening to me.  This someone will be living such a sweet life they will know to simply move on without a care in the world. It is time for a change in the right direction and lately I have been going through some interesting growth and realize just how much I need to work on my spiritual strength and self acceptance.  I have also been looking at my relationship with God and learned that to truly love him and accept him is to be the divine mercy he is with me.  Thank you Jesus, Iyanla Vanzant, and Stephen Covey for such wonderful inspiration to help me take this journey of new depth, strength and passion.


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