Happy Holidays!

May your holidays be filled with peace, love and happiness. Eat and be merry. Remember it is not about the Christmas presents under the tree it is about the love.  The love we have for one another and the love Jesus has for each of us.  Here’s to Frosty, hot cocoa, tamales, cookies and oh everything I love about the holidays.

What’s your favorite song?      

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

What do all of these things have in common.

Strike for Christmas- Lifetime movie, yoga, healthy eats, getting a manicure and pedicure, going to the doctor and getting checkups, having a three day work week and loving what you do for a living, and looking in the mirror and saying everything is okay and with every breath feeling beautiful inside out, finally getting the care you need and understanding that I love taking care of others and that’s okay but not if I sacrifice taking care of myself. Yes I have had all of these experiences today.


Take care of yourself in body mind and soul.  Something to relax, to energize, to have fun, gain perspective and simply enjoy…. How is this for a sweet life!

What is your ritual for maintaining balance.  Do you have a ritual with your girlfriends. Hey I think I will create a gift package. I am thinking my signature gift package!!!

Santa’s Deals Are Coming So You Better Watch Out.

Santa is coming to town and every store in town has deals galore. Retailers are hopeful and doing all they can to secure as many consumer dollars as possible. Black Friday proved to be a better success online.  Wonder why that is? Well my experience this past weekend gives me a clue as to why. December 5 was the release of the Eclipse DVD. Get your copy at midnight and receive a free fan pack. Only at participating 24 hour stores.
Well the local Walmart is 24 hours and featured this promotion.  Do you think this Walmart had the fan pack? No they did not and what’s worse the sales staff had no idea what I was talking about. Call after call to about 4 other stores and some were rude, and had no idea what I was talking about? Then I go to Toys R Us in search of a tea cup piggie toy that is promoted in a buy one get one 50% off deal. One store had none. I was there the previous day and they were also out. Maybe just maybe since the sale starts on Sunday they will have restocked shelves. Or so I thought. I thought wrong. I went to another store and the sales associate was kind enough to check the stock for this item. She was a nice associate. She said I apologize, we did receive a shipment but it has not been unloaded yet. She advised us to come back during the week.
This experience is a great example of how easy things can go wrong when there is no communication and connection within an organization? Or is this all a ploy to get us in the store and not really offer us any sale at all. Remember this lesson because I know I will. How is this for doing all that can be done to secure my consumer dollars.  Thank you to all the sales associates who have been merry and jolly-just as they should be.
Happy Holidays everyone!