Oh Honey Honey…You Are My Candy

1.Disneyland on a day where every line is 25 minutes or less and Space Mountain is 40 or less.

2. Ghost Galaxy and the Haunted Mansion.

3. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting with peanuts and chocolate chunks.

4.Carved pumpkins that resemble Alice in Wonderland’s queen and Mad Hatter.

5. Carved pumpkins that resemble Woody, Jesse and so many more.

6. Someone dressed up like Professor Umbridge.

7. Jolly Rancher Chews

8. Looking up at the sun and feeling the warmth all throughout my body.

9.  A barbeque bacon cheeseburger and fries.

10.  The best part of the burger is that I shared it with my sister.

11.  Standing somewhere in Disneyland and thinking wow I feel great, had some great food, people are happy and having a great time, thank you Jesus for answering my prayers about you know what!

What a sweet life!!!!


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