Why are people so darn competitive?

Ever hear this comment or have this discussion with your friends. This is a conversation that comes up all the time over coffee or out on the town when your out with your girlfriends. One of them says why is she so competitive.  And the conversation leads to the following thoughts. Why is she like this? Its insecurities, or why can’t anyone just be happy for someone else.  This makes total sense but does it not start with us first. I mean sure there are people out there who feel threaten by someone’s happiness or what they have or do not have. In the grand scheme of things are these not just things and objects. I mean so what if there is a friend out there or a sister in law or a mother in law who always has to try and outshine you or say something negative. We all have the greatest children, the best husband and the cutest handbag and that’s it.


It is official the holidays are here.  I threw out a pumpkin and thought another Thanksgiving has come and gone.   Which leads me to think that time goes by so fast. It really is not about what we have or don’t have.  It is not how we dress, or the kind of car we drive or what we do that defines us.  Life is how we feel on the inside.  Success all depends on how you feel about yourself on the inside. How you feel on the inside is really about how you treat others. I encourage you to think about how you treat others and what you feel about yourself. Remember that this holiday season and everyday is about happiness, love, memories, laughter and yes as sweet as a slice of apple pie. Oh so good and melts in your mouth. You enjoy it and savor it.

Have a Girlfirends Night Out And Bake Pies!

I came across some amazing discoveries this morning. A recipe for macadamia nut pie and blog featuring a getaway with girlfriends. What did these girls do? Visit and Amish town, pick tons on apples and make home ade apple sauce, drink wine laugh and eat some amazing food. Let’s see they ate a some cheese pasta, brownie cake topped with marshmallow, pumpkin cream muffins. Here are the links.



Show Me the Money

Have you ever said the words well  I can’t go  or do this because I don’t have the money?

I know that I have said these words.  I have been reading and writing my goals and to do list in my agenda. This has me thinking about my effectiveness and personal growth.  Wow this process has helped me tremendously. The very notion of me thinking in a positive way helps. And then it hit me. Whether you think you can or can’t you are probably right.

You think you don’t have money you won’t

You think people are out to get you and it will seem so.

You think you have a great idea you probably do.

For a sweet life.

Oh Honey Honey…You Are My Candy

1.Disneyland on a day where every line is 25 minutes or less and Space Mountain is 40 or less.

2. Ghost Galaxy and the Haunted Mansion.

3. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting with peanuts and chocolate chunks.

4.Carved pumpkins that resemble Alice in Wonderland’s queen and Mad Hatter.

5. Carved pumpkins that resemble Woody, Jesse and so many more.

6. Someone dressed up like Professor Umbridge.

7. Jolly Rancher Chews

8. Looking up at the sun and feeling the warmth all throughout my body.

9.  A barbeque bacon cheeseburger and fries.

10.  The best part of the burger is that I shared it with my sister.

11.  Standing somewhere in Disneyland and thinking wow I feel great, had some great food, people are happy and having a great time, thank you Jesus for answering my prayers about you know what!

What a sweet life!!!!