Oh for every leaf that falls one will grow more beautifully in its place.

Comfort is found in a warm sweater, a cup of tea, hot cocoa, or your sweet honey.

To go for a morning walk with Roxy makes me feel carefree… no worries just me being me.

Oh to enjoy life and see what I see… friendship among two dogs who have never known each other before, but greet each other as if they had.

Because life is beautiful on a cloudy or sunny day!

Enjoy the warmth of today is what I say.

Remember warmth can be found in a cozy hug or a sweater or in a few days I will find it in the sun…I love living in California.

I planned to write this a week ago but this morning I enjoyed walking my niece to school and so did my dog Roxy.  What do you think? Write your own and we can share it with everyone.


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