Halloween Ideas

Halloween I love this holiday.  Some people tend to associate Halloween with witches and black magic and all the darkness.  I love Halloween because it simply makes me feel carefree, have fun and feel like a kid again. This is a feeling that we have to be reminded of as we get older.  I remember dressing up like a clown, witch and a man.  I always wanted to be a a queen or a woman from the royal court. What will you dress up as.

Here are some fun decorating ideas to make your party or celebration a sweet one.

-Find things around the house and make yourself up a cool costume.  This will give you a chance to get creative and really have fun.

make a pumpkin cake

-have a campfire in your backyard and tell each other fun stories or play charades or scary stories and make it a Halloween theme

-for a neat gift fill glass jars with orange candy or for party presentation.

-make candy apples or better yet host a candy apple party. Everyone can make one.

Hope these ideas help you have a wonderful Halloween!  Have an ideas to share?

Next week I updates on the sweet gift ideas coming your way.


Oh for every leaf that falls one will grow more beautifully in its place.

Comfort is found in a warm sweater, a cup of tea, hot cocoa, or your sweet honey.

To go for a morning walk with Roxy makes me feel carefree… no worries just me being me.

Oh to enjoy life and see what I see… friendship among two dogs who have never known each other before, but greet each other as if they had.

Because life is beautiful on a cloudy or sunny day!

Enjoy the warmth of today is what I say.

Remember warmth can be found in a cozy hug or a sweater or in a few days I will find it in the sun…I love living in California.

I planned to write this a week ago but this morning I enjoyed walking my niece to school and so did my dog Roxy.  What do you think? Write your own and we can share it with everyone.

Most Powerful Women

This week’s entry speaks for itself! Enjoy and please share it with others.


Delicious Gourmet Options.

What do these gourmet treats say to you:

peanut butter caramel popcorn, toffee and chocolate rice crispy, berry fruit and hello kitty inspired jelly belly candies and these are just a few of the delicious sweets and candy I will be combining in my gift baskets.

Every item I sell will be tasted my me and or award winners from industry experts like fancy food! Keep watch because I am dreaming up so much!