To think inside the box…

Hello I am researching a new business gift basket idea. I have been racking my brain on what to do about my business ideas. I know that starting  a business is for me and it involves creative ideas and passion for people.  Here is one of the gift ideas that I have planned. Please tell me what you think. Run it by others and let me know what they think.

Here goes.  A white tall gift box  filled with unique candy and sweets like rice crispy treats, jelly candies and snack mix. Also included is a scroll that reads

To think inside the box is to miss all the opportunity, mystery, and greatness that exist outside.  The great have found opportunity because of mystery and

have thought outside the box.

I am still working on this poem.  Hopefully you get the idea.  This gift will be personalized with color ribbon and initials of the recipient.

Would you buy this gift? For who? Any thoughts you have will help me. Thank you and have a great week?

New Updates!

Hello all !

I have updated my blog please note the links on the right! I will be adding more as I come across them. If you have a blog or site you want to suggest please reply to this post.  I will consider your suggestions.  My gift baskets will soon be available.

On your marks, get set, organize!

This weeks idea is all about organization. What is your number one tip? Or better yet what helps you get organized.  I have not been very successful these days and have not been organized either.  I suppose I proved my pint and answered my question about success and organization.  I am about done reading,” Getting Things Done”  I am all set to organize.

Sweet Therapy

Yes yesterday was my birthday.  My birthday has always been a time for reflection.  Yes I love cake and it is my weakness. Well I  also took this time to part with the bad habits that prevent me from becoming a better person. Here is what I did.  I wrote one bad habit or thought on a piece of paper.  I had about for habits. I wrote one on each paper. Then read it out loud to myself of course and thought about how it  gets to me.  Then I ripped up the paper in tiny pieces to symbolize that I vow to break the habit.  Let it go.

Just who will you be?

Just who will you be? How do you know what you are meant to do? I love business.  I have always wanted to start my business. I am a curious person who always asks why.  It is a habit I never grew out of.  I admire those who have started a business with odds and it is not so much that they are rich in do not have to worry about finances.   What I admire is the ability to dream and not care about what others may have thought. These people new just who they wanted to be.