La Dulce Vida

The sweet life is oh so sweet. What makes life so sweet well here are some great off the top of my head ideas.

1. A fresh squeezed glass of lemonade on a hot day!

2. Spending the day with your children and doing nothing together but laughing, playing, and having fun.

3. Going for a walk and breathing in the sounds and smells all around.

4. Reading a great book.

5. Watching a really great movie that captivates you and keeps you thinking about it long after it is finished.

6. Eating a candy and remembering that I use to love it as a kid.

7. When you here a really great love story that makes you believe hey fairy tales do in a sense come true.

8.  When you have worked so hard to achieve, had obstacles and in spite of them succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

9. When someone says something that is out of line toward you and you simply feel whatever about it.

10. When you can truly be yourself and love yourself.

Just a few thoughts. Please  share your opinions and what makes your sweet life.  Agree with mine? Have an example to share?

Do it for the kid in you.

Hi remember all those summers when you were a kid. Eating an ice cream cone or going for a swim. Having fun and not thinking about what you are doing wrong or right because none of it matters.  The older one gets the more life can become complex.  It is so easy to forget what happened yesterday or even an hour ago.  But as a kid an ice cream cone or a baseball game with your friends does the job.  Simply sitting and eating your ice cream without a care in the world. Well I know it is always important to remember that ten year old carefree kid lives in all of us. What makes you feel like a kid again?  Maybe taking a ride on a swing or eating some sour candy? Or watching Wonder Woman. Yes she was my childhood hero.

Oh Candy Candy!

Yes candy my friends. I have decided on a business idea and am ready to march ahead.  I love candy. As a kid I always ate sour candy and come to think of it right through my college days. And I wonder sometimes how I gained 15 pounds?

I have decided to create a niche of gift baskets and novelty gifts. I will only create gift baskets using the best and high quality and tastiest sweets, candy and anything sweet.  What do you think? I have been asking you many times about your favorites but only a few have answered back.  Well I plan to launch my business with one design and it is a Harry Potter theme gift basket.   I just finished reading Deathly Hallows and am so amazed.  J.K. Rowling is a brilliant writer!  Well hope you are all having a sweet life!  What is your best advice for a sweet life?