Every Flavor Beans

Hello there all. What is your favorite candy.   The candy that takes you on a flavor adventure.  Or maybe on a trip to the past.  Maybe it reminds you of a favorite vacation spot.  I love candy and all kind of sweets.  I had a smore last night.   Do you know what every flavor beans are? They are the beans from Harry Potter. Have you read the books. The only candy that I have tried are the chocolate frogs. I can’t say that the chocolate was all that great. It was good but what I loved was the Chocolate frog.  As I ate it I thought about Ron eating them.    I was amazed to find out that these candies existed.  I am thinking about created a gift package filled with the candies. What are your favorite candies or sweets?  I do love sour candy, chocolate bars.   What candy makes you smile and have fun?


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