Every Flavor Beans

Hello there all. What is your favorite candy.   The candy that takes you on a flavor adventure.  Or maybe on a trip to the past.  Maybe it reminds you of a favorite vacation spot.  I love candy and all kind of sweets.  I had a smore last night.   Do you know what every flavor beans are? They are the beans from Harry Potter. Have you read the books. The only candy that I have tried are the chocolate frogs. I can’t say that the chocolate was all that great. It was good but what I loved was the Chocolate frog.  As I ate it I thought about Ron eating them.    I was amazed to find out that these candies existed.  I am thinking about created a gift package filled with the candies. What are your favorite candies or sweets?  I do love sour candy, chocolate bars.   What candy makes you smile and have fun?

What is the greatest advice you could give?

Here are a few that I can think of.

Believe with all you heart and the rest will take care of itself.

If you have a bad attitude don’t share.

It is wonderful to dream but not to the point where you stop living.

What’s yours?

Do you get this?


Life’s greatest gift is joy. Dicha will create gift baskets that inspire fun and tantalize taste buds.   Three simple components will create a competitive advantage: specialty gourmet snacks and sweets  like chocolate raspberry popcorn,  unique gift items like table topics conversation starters, and customer care.   At the launch of this business, the gift basket industry is a 3 billion dollar and growing business. Specialty foods is a 15 billion dollar industry.   Many gift basket companies have a small segment of unique flavored gourmet foods and do not cater to a niche.
Dicha will develop a niche toward the affluent market.  The affluent are ideal gift basket buyers and specialty food shoppers.  Each gift basket or gift package will include a table topics cube filled with conversation starter questions  in a tray filled with tantalizing gourmet snacks and candy.  These gift baskets will bring an entertainment experience along with a unique gift.  Similar party theme gift baskets will also be sold without the  table topics.  Dicha will grow the business by creating a lifestyle experience. This includes web topics online, free sample occasions, creating a private label line of items, and offering private celebration/catering ideas.  Other items that will be sold are unique gift items like vanishing creatures chocolates which come in a box  that can be turned into a candle.  My slogan will be unforgettable gifts that inspire joy or should it be life‘s greatest gift is joy.