There is no tomorrow…

I love this line from the Rocky movie. I feel just the way Rocky did at that very moment. He had the makings of a winner. Everyone believed he could win but him……sound familiar?

So what have you been putting off? Have you made a promise that you have not fulfilled yet? I know I have made a promise to myself ,and have a hard time keeping it. I have been delaying my plans. I have great plans. I mean that I believe in them and they stem from my heart. For some reason I keep on holding back to the what ifs. The point is my lack of confidence. This is an area that I need much work in.  I know I have great ideas but they are just that great ideas. I need to execute. I will begin just that this summer. My launch is set for this coming holiday season.

The fact is there is no tomorrow because it may never come. The point is to live and love.  Love your job, your family, your children, the warm sun, take a beautiful walk and ask yourself  the question.  Just who do I want to be. Am I that person. If not what is holding me back. If nothing is holding you back then how can you turn great into greater?

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “There is no tomorrow…

  1. Mireya,

    Great blog post! I agree alot of things I hold back on because I am like what if this? what if that? Sometimes you just gotta use your best judgment and just DO IT!

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