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Valentine’s Letters

I love drawing letters…especially the BIG block kind. Not sure why but I do. BUT sometimes I get bored with the same old practice.   Yes I know I need 10,000 times before I get it right, BUT doing the same old boring letters bugs me sometimes. I mean, I have all these awesome ideas… Continue reading Valentine’s Letters

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A Letter To Me…

Someone wrote a letter to herself and I thought it was pretty awesome! What a great idea!  I’m writing one to myself. Dear Mireya, I know that it’s been a while since you had this crazy idea to hand letter and watercolor. Why you decided on this I’m not sure. I just want you to… Continue reading A Letter To Me…

Watercolor Art

What’s New!

A new year and a new day to draw, paint and make my dreams come true. I planned to relax and read. Turns out I just had to paint.     I love the color, and the hearts! I painted this a while ago but couldn’t throw it away. It was one of those pieces… Continue reading What’s New!

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Be so good they can’t ignore you.

I remember Pink, the singer, mention this once. What a cool magazine interview! What was it like to climb to the top and succeed…as if there’s some magic formula. Pink answered,”   I knocked on the door so many times that eventually they just had to let me in. Okay so I can’t remember the… Continue reading Be so good they can’t ignore you.

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Critique Your Art

Last week the challenge was to create some bouncy lettering. The holidays are here so of course I had to come up with an awesome quote.  One lunch afternoon I drew this out. Just a pencil, some awesome graphic paper, markers, and 2o minutes. YEAH okay doubt, I’m not sure about this either. I think… Continue reading Critique Your Art

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Going to be a famous artist

Yes I long for the days when I can  decide to walk in my garden and then head to  my studio and paint. I could plan to travel to Mexico City for a workshop and stay at my Hacienda because it’s my place. What does it take? I read someplace that you have to walk… Continue reading Going to be a famous artist

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How to Master Art?

I was working on a project and proud of my painting skills. YES I’m improving. but I  want so much to jump in the phase of  a famous artist who flies to Mexico City or New York to give a speech or host a workshop.  Hold the famous part-well maybe?  I just want to paint… Continue reading How to Master Art?