Watercolor Art

Okay what does this mean?

I was working on a project and proud of my painting skills. YES I’m improving. but I  want so much to jump in the phase of  a famous artists who flies to Mexico City or New York to give a speech or host a workshop.  Hold the famous part.  I just want to paint and… Continue reading Okay what does this mean?

Watercolor Art

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of my art adventures, my family and  good food! Yes I love my practice-not perfect but that’s the point it’s MY AWESOME practice! I used crayons, masking fluid and fabric

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Drawing a horse is hard

PERFECT IDEA! Watch a You Tube video and in eight minutes Ill have drawn an awesome horse. It  turns out drawing a horse is a whole lot harder than I thought. Not worries I just need more practice. Yes drawing a horse shape by shape makes so much more sense. YEAH, my horse is funny… Continue reading Drawing a horse is hard

Watercolor Art

So much to do

…today I’m supposed to work on my animal painting project. I had a day off from work and so YEAH, I have time to paint and work on my project. Then THIS  always happens. I get an idea and that leads to another idea and here I am. Okay I’m going to go sketch and… Continue reading So much to do

Watercolor Art

Try New Tools?

Funny story. As I was painting this and blowing away at the paint to create hay hands, feet and hair for my scarecrow,  I had watchers laughing at me. I thought about this and yes it does look funny as I’m doing it. I had such a fun time doing this. This is a a… Continue reading Try New Tools?

Watercolor Art

Happy Halloween!

Have you ever noticed the awesome texture that pumpkins have? Painting pumpkins  is a great way to practice blending and watercolor washes.   Try painting some pumpkins and play with different techniques. For the first one I dipped my brush in water and then with a little tap, the water sprinkled over the paint and… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Watercolor Art

New Classes Are Live….

I hope you check out this class! It’s live in a few hours! Have you ever been so sick and tired and just about ready to call it quits but you figure no way I put in too much work to go home now! Well, I’m recovering from this. Right now I ‘m sick of… Continue reading New Classes Are Live….