Why Little Lemonade Studio?

I love the little lemonade stand idea that kids have to raise money or simply have fun. Lemonade is sweet, playful and there’s nothing like it on a hot summer day. Sounds like a great name for my studio and my blog.

Hi! I’m Myra, the artist who nurtures the hopes and dreams of children-of any age really. I’m in love with hand lettering and water coloring. I’ll be showing my art and the creative process I go through. Thanks for stopping by, grab a glass of lemonade and have fun! Thirsty for more fun please checkout my pinterest board. I also post weekly creativities that help me become a better artist.

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Fall Hand Lettering #5

Okay so there I was practicing with a new water color brush. I was doodling some letters. It takes practice to handle the brush and so I was thinking maybe do something for the series. The problem is nothing came out right. Then it hit me the H. I love the swirl and the heart detail. I hadn’t even planned for it. Important lesson is to practice and play. 0925151659[1] 0925151659a[1] 0925151659c[1]

Fall Hand Lettering Day#4

0920152023[1]Love the block lettering here! The color scheme is right on for the screech  like warping effect going on here.  My favorite by far is the Happy Halloween one I showed you.

Its interesting to see what your favorites are and look at how that relates to your style as an artist.  My work is fun and playful.


Fall Lettering Day #3


Vintage style of font that is classic. Again I really love how the y connects with the o. I love the diamond in place of the counter for the o.  Using simple decor elements to really bring your piece to life is all you need. Oh and the slight sharp points keeps it fun and happy hence the Happy Halloween!

Fall Lettering Day #2


I love this one and had to take a picture of it because I have seen this free flowing style before but it has a slight difference. It has a fun slightly Halloweenish feel to it…if that’s a word. You want to think about your audience. Yes Halloween is filled with ghosts and goblins but you have to think about your audience. What are you going to say and how are you going to say it? It has to be relatable to the audience. In this case its mommy and child.

Fall Hand Lettering Challenge-Day1

The first part of any hand lettering project is to figure out what you want to say. Then you figure out how you are going to say it. I love this because the lettering does a great job of conveying the experience of being on this ride. Note the sightly slanted letters and the sharp pointed detail from each letter. The white shadowing plays on this theme as well. It is always great to look at how everything comes together and little details can really make a piece come to life! 0920150828[1]

Fall Hand Lettering Starts October 1st


For 30 days I will be doing what I love and that’s a whole lot of hand lettering. I will doing some fun inspiring projects and activities all in the name of hand lettering…which is my new hopeless love.  My theme will be fall inspired including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Get yourself some candy corn and pumpkin flavored whatever and enjoy! Be sure and subscribe so you can get in on the fun! Ooh I wonder if the the pumpkin spice oreos are good?

In a few days I will be posting a reminder along with some fun supplies I am going to be using! So for the first days or five we will be looking at some hand lettering examples and learning some quick details to get the creative juice flowing. This will give me time to start on some projects and start sharing those.

Okay so a few more days till the Fall Lettering Challenge Begins….

I am so excited and once again my class is up and running today! Here is the link if you are interested. http://skl.sh/1iFKjMi

I hope you enjoy and I have so much planned for the Fall Lettering Challenge. I’ll be hand lettering pumpkins, making decor and table signs. I am going to be doing some finger painting lettering and so much more. Oh I am pulling out some old designs I did in illustrator like cards and redoing them by hand….stay tuned!

Oh here’s the link to my class:


The class walks you through all of the steps to create your own journal.  You can subscribe to my blog and follow along with this special fall theme. If all goes well I will be doing a holiday theme. I may create a new class for this. Sounds like fun!