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New Online Art Classes Coming Soon!

SO… I planned to start with  the Halloween and Harvest Challenge this week.  BUT… I’ve been very busy. I  have decided to hold off on the challenge for a few weeks. I’m working on  wrapping up details for my skillshare classes.  I had this crazy idea to create a new class and then I HAD… Continue reading New Online Art Classes Coming Soon!

Watercolor Art

7 Quick Tips For Artists.

The best part of working on art everyday is that I learn so much about myself  and the world around me. I keep learning  and growing. It’s an emotional roller coaster. Through it all, I have learned some amazing lessons. Here they are! 1. Learn As You Go.  You can’t simple stay on the side… Continue reading 7 Quick Tips For Artists.

Watercolor Art

Straw It With Watercolor

Supplies: a straw and my new watercolor palette by Crayola. I really love this set. Reminds me of painting in elementary school. I found this awesome idea  from a skillshare class. Let’s see what idea do I want to express? You are my sunshine…YES I was thinking of the sunshine that shines so bright even… Continue reading Straw It With Watercolor

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Art and riding a bike

Yes the universe is talking and do you know what it’s saying? Get out there and just draw. GO ON live your dream. Just go on and MAKE it happen. You know the day you wanted to ride your bike down the street. Maybe you hated those dumb training wheels.  If you were like me… Continue reading Art and riding a bike

Watercolor Art

Watercolor with Food Color…

…….What? I came across this idea while guest teaching and OH  BOY am I glad! I had to try one just to make sure I knew exactly how to do it. OKAY the curiosity and passion just called my name.  I can’t believe how awesome they came out.   Supplies: coffee liners, food coloring, droppers,… Continue reading Watercolor with Food Color…

Watercolor Art

Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: Passionate   Passion is everything and I can explain. When I dip my brush in in one color and blob it on the paper.  Then add another color the same way. As I watch it flow and become one wherever it chooses I giggle smile. When I get a prompt like the… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Passionate

Watercolor Art

Watercolor Exhibit at the LA County Fair

There I was oohing and awing at all of the watercolor and flowers. I just kept thinking there is so much I have yet to learn with watercolor. Oh how this excites me! I felt like I was in a candy store. I have never heard of this HEMA gouache paint. I want to know… Continue reading Watercolor Exhibit at the LA County Fair