Why Little Lemonade Studio?

Hi! I’m Myra, hopelessly in love with lettering and watercolor.  When I draw or paint the kid takes over.

Little Lemonade is a girl who’s adventurous, imaginative and playful – maybe I’ll write her story someday. I’m working on it.

For now I am the adventurous kid who draws with her heart.   I am an artist and this is my humble journey.  I am working on projects, products and most importantly picture books.

Thanks for stopping by, grab a glass of lemonade and have fun!  Thirsty for more fun please visit my resources page .

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For Paul Klee

and all the artists who give us their beautiful art.

This is a project from the meet the masters school art program. The artist is Paul Klee.

The project was to learn warm and cool colors.

I painted the eyes in shades of blue for faith. The heart is at the center as it should always be. The objects around the face reflect my love of nature and all things really. I chose a mixture of warm colors to reflect a happy mood.


This is for all the students who teach me about faith and love. I am happy to have been able to teach them and share my love of art and education too.

See you soon!

Just Draw What I Want


I love this design and just want to keep working on it till I get it right. I want this on a shirt or a giant greeting card that I can give to a friend. I used a purple crayola because, oh the smile and the feeling of well feeling so happy and… I’m wonder woman I can change the world.

Let’s do it together!



Happy Sunday Everyone!

I just realized that I have no post set up for today. My regular posting days are Sunday and Wednesday. I do have something awesome planned and rather than rush I will move it to next week.  For now I want to reflect on the projects I have worked on.

I am proud of my work so far. I love my art and it makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too as this is my ultimate passion and purpose. I really do believe that art is my purpose.

I have learned so far:

Art is whatever you want it to be.

You have to put your heart in everything you do.

You have to go through thousands of revisions sometimes to really get it right.

Just wander!

Success means you got past all the nonsense. But yes there has to be nonsense.

See you soon!

Day 30 Here we go

I made it to 30 days! If you have too then awesome! If you haven’t then no worries you can go back and choose what you would like to work on.

I am practicing words  and was working on this project for a class.

Lessons learned:

make sure one area is dry before you move on to the next

avoid a smudgy mess

inspiration can come from anywhere

hierarchy is important

The quote should read: grow corn that feeds everyone.  In a corn field there is corn everywhere-love should be everywhere,  and you should share that love with everyone.

color is an awesome element too.



Day 27 Just going with ideas

I just decided to end the final days with a little love for the finer things that really are the smallest things that make us really happy!

I love all the isles of every toy you can imagine. I wonder what I would buy if I had two minutes to round up all the toys I could . I could then keep them. Oh yeah being in a toy story and then just holding the package in your hand and you just can’t wait till you get home to play. What a feeling like no other. Well everyday should have these kind of moments.  Yeah life is that good!

See you soon!


Day 26 Flowers Again

So sometimes these ideas just t emerge and I have to paint them. Sometimes I catch myself noticing the beautiful flowers.

I am loving this idea and had to use this cheerful orange and will keep working on this idea


Day 26 Just Chill

So much to say today. This was inspired my a 4th grade class I have been teaching. This is just a phrase I have been hearing lately. So today I just chilled and played around with an almost dried up marker and then blended with a colored pencil.


I have been learning about artist Paul Klee and yet again I am reminded to keep experimenting with different tools.  I will be doing a fabulous art project inspired by Klee later on this week.0416161721[1]

So hard to believe that this journal challenge is almost over. Yes I used a little acrylic paint to fix the c but who’s asking

See you soon!