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Paint what you love

No matte what you do please do it with your heart. Do you hear this self. Listen and listen good! Okay so this means I will paint…. I had fun and yes there’s a few mistakes here but wow I love the heart sprinkles and the cherries! The cherries look so cute. I have a… Continue reading Paint what you love

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I’m a Master

in the making. I dream of flying here and there (Mexico an New York) to give my speech on how my art came to life. Yes I draw every single day and get paid lots of money to do it!  Yeah not exactly here… yet.  BUT I will be! Between you and me journal, I… Continue reading I’m a Master

Watercolor Art

Be a Fan of Your Own Work

This goes both ways. Yes I know that I’m on my mini vacation right now. BUT I thought I’ d set up four journal entries of some awesome lessons that I know I’ll be thinking about.  I HAD to add them to my journal. So goodbye journal! I will see you Easter Sunday! Yippee I… Continue reading Be a Fan of Your Own Work

letterING projects

Love Poem Update

A quick update for my love poem. I finally think I’ve got it. Have this idea for a beautiful rainbow.  So I had to paint it. I mixed up these colors. Then I wrote my poem with a brown twistable crayon. The layout didn’t work out so well BUT I kept telling myself just paint… Continue reading Love Poem Update

Watercolor Art

Get Lost In Your Art

I was lazy this week in writing this post. Sure I’ve been working on art BUT for a while I took time to think about where I was going and where I want to be. I have taken over 1oo classes on how to letter and watercolor. I think it’s time to really roll up… Continue reading Get Lost In Your Art

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HaPPy Valentine’s Day!

It’s been a while, but I still feel the same.  OKAY I’m an Ed Sheeran fan… but these words express how I feel. Art makes me happy.  I love so much!  I love nature and painting and just the feeling that I’m a superhero in my own way…that I can somehow save the day. Okay… Continue reading HaPPy Valentine’s Day!

Watercolor Art

Tired Or Not…

Lately I haven’t had a good night’s rest. Just getting over a terrible cold or flu-not sure what it was but it’s almost gone. YAY!  This week seems like a great week for a sabbatical. This whole love poem has me crazy with ideas. Should I do this or do that. All I know is… Continue reading Tired Or Not…