Why Peach Lemonade Stand?

I just love lemonade on a hot summer day. Lemonade is refreshingly sweet and I also love the little Lemonade Stand idea that kids have to raise money or to just have as an adorable party theme. Lemonade is cheerful, sweet and refreshing and what a great theme for this blog. Peach Lemonade is unique and don’t you just want to have a glass right row? Imagine an adorable Lemonade Stand made from wood and featuring peach lemonade served in mason jars. The children are having fun. I want you to have a refreshingly sweet time with my blog as I serve you up a whimsical thought, art ideas, and whatever else makes us smile.  Enjoy this blog.

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Happy Earth Day!

I drew this and starting painting it  in the summer and today seems like the right time to let the world see it. I am proud of this design and this is what I want to sell in my shop and its just that I didn’t bother finishing it because how would I digitize it. I have since learned that I need to draw more…paint more..write more.   I love nature and yeah why not embed this love in my art. This was just the practice I need.

If you like this art please keep in mind that I will be launching an etsy business. This is the type of art I will be selling. If you are interested and want to see what else I create please click that like button and subscribe. I have more art that I will be posting and an exciting update on my book. 0422151433

Typography In Las Vegas…

Yes I went to Las Vegas and this time it was a whole new world…of typography that is. I hadn’t realized what lovely typography. This is the first time I have been to Las Vegas since my new love of hand lettering. My goal was to just photograph some of the typography that catches my eye in hopes to develop my style.   What do you suppose this says about my character….in your art you should always tell your story….and to do that you have to follow your heart and your style…

0330151735a 0330151736 0331151236 0331151238 0331151241a  0401151600  0401151653b 0401151802 0401151804 0401151946

Lemonade Gossip…

So I read this post about how people exchange money for value.  Makes sense and even more sense when you realize that to create value you have to build something that is quite different than anyone else. How do you do this. I say this cute towel in Kitson: You were born to stand out not so you can fit in…..something like this.  Then today I read this awesome etsy featured shop interview. Basically it reminds me that it takes time to develop a style, a voice and work that is truly  your own. This is how you connect with the world and how you build VALUE.  Makes sense. I am working on some more art and new changes for my blog.

I love Disneyland

0407150906If I could go back in time I would love to sit down and talk to Walt. What would I say? I would ask how did you know to keep going when odds seemed completely against you.  I always thought that he just came up with this brilliant idea and boom Disneyland happened.  In a sense it did but there were big failures and mistakes before Disneyland.  Big things happen from big failures. I have to get out there and try again and again and again.  Forget that I will do and do and do until I get it right…I got this! DO you?

Spring Flower Watercoloring….

Lately I been loving nature and come to think of it I feel this way every spring. Everything has a purpose and a place in nature…just like me.  Makes feel rethink this silly little word called fear. I have revised my book and it has this theme. I will be posting more on my book progress.  0409151713