Why Peach Lemonade Stand?

I just love lemonade on a hot summer day. Lemonade is refreshingly sweet and I also love the little Lemonade Stand idea that kids have to raise money or to just have as an adorable party theme. Lemonade is cheerful, sweet and refreshing and what a great theme for this blog. Peach Lemonade is unique and don’t you just want to have a glass right row? Imagine an adorable Lemonade Stand made from wood and featuring peach lemonade served in mason jars. The children are having fun. I want you to have a refreshingly sweet time with my blog as I serve you up a whimsical thought, art ideas, and whatever else makes us smile.  Enjoy this blog.

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New Artwork…..


This is one of my hand lettered drawings that I thinking of selling in my shop. I love the colors and just wanted to capture the essence of what it means to be a kid. It is wonderful to enjoy to enjoy life’s simple pleasures no matter how young or “young” we are.

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Gossip At The Lemonade Stand…

so I had a totally unexpected day today…I made a mistake and felt terrible about it and then what do you know I was having trouble trying to overcome it and then I came across a blog post that was all about owning your mistakes and overcoming them. Sometimes life works out that way.

Art Updates….

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0226151335a 0226151336Just some art I am working on. This is part of the pact I made with myself. I need to get out there and just practice.  I love love the last ongoing project: trying to create the vibrant colors that I have created using Adobe Kuler.

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Little Lemonade Studio…

just some of the projects and practice I have been working on.

Here’s my story board. My story is about a tiny bee who thinks he’s too small to care for the queen be and her 2000 eggs. He flies away to an apple tree to think for himself and discovers just how special he and everyone are. My story is for kids and its a lesson about believing in yourself, following your heart and that everyone has a purpose and is big. Have any tips on how to get it published and all that? Thanks.


Painting and looking at color mixing and colors and lettering. I plan to hand draw and paint all of my art. 0219151710There’s more to come. As always thanks and please feel free to hit that like button. I need feedback too.

Lemonade Stand Talk…

Isn’t this a darling idea! I just found this picture online and its perfect for this week’s lemonade talk….

so I was talking to someone about how I love watching Dancing With the Stars because I love to dance and love music.  This person said the words that have been on my mind ever since,”If dancing and music are what you love then how come you are not living those dreams?”  I tried to think of what to say and thought well I love dancing but its just a hobby and then it hit me. This someone had a fabulous point. How many times have I heard success stories where it all began with a love for something. So then I have been thinking about what I love and really trying to answer this question. Am I living my dream…sadly not quite yet. I am working at it and I am traveling down that road. Should I become a choreographer or a dancer?

Here’s what I am going to do. I am writing a list of all the loves of my life: music,dancing, reading, writing, walking my dog, teaching a child to read, painting, food, cupcakes, animals, nature and learning, romance probably more that I can’t think of right now…oh reading the bible.  Looking at this list what am I really good at. Where I really feel I could make a difference and what I don’t seems to keep emerging is this idea to write a book-a children’s book.  Yes more of those picture on my art coming later on this week.

What do you think? I would love to know what you guys think about love and passion and deciding what to do with your life so to speak.

Do what you Love


I know its not Valentine’s Day anymore but isn’t Valentine’s a reminder that we should act of love every day of or lives. This is the kind of love that truly matters. I love making pizza and thought I would shape it in a heart. I have been doing a lot of hand lettering, writing and painting and just sharpening the saw as Stephen Covey says. Have a great week everyone.

Hand lettering….

0221151250I have been going back to the basics. I suppose its my philosophy these days. Graph paper  and the kind we used in preschool work great. I am simply drawing frames to really master these letter frames. I want to use block letters in my art. I am also working on the Lavanderia font. These are the basic fonts that I reference to design my own hand lettering and my art and my hand lettered children’s book. What a great idea!

Next week I will post a preview of my book and some of the art I have been painting and the color mixing I have been doing.  Please feel free to comment or press that like button. Every like is a confidence booster. If you have any tips then please feel free to share.

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