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Day 8 School Days

thoughts: I love hot air balloons. I remember making one in like 6th grade.  I know this is my favorite! Wait I said that two sketches ago. I want to draw and pain the entire balloon. Oh I should do a whole series on hot air balloons. I have tons of projects that I can… Continue reading Day 8 School Days

Watercolor Art

Day 7 School Days

  thoughts: This is just another fun idea. Laying all your supplies out and deciding what you want to create. The best part is you get an idea and go for it. There is always that one kid who shouts,”Hey why did you draw your trees like that? They’re ugly. ” That’s when you know… Continue reading Day 7 School Days

letterING projects

DAY 6 School Days

words: recess and ball thoughts: I love this design.Wait! Maybe, this is my favorite. I would love to paint it for real. If there is one thing I have learned from this challenge its that my best work just happens. I love it when that happens. Again recess is just a carefree time. I love… Continue reading DAY 6 School Days

letterING projects

Day 5 School Days

words: table and pencil thoughts: Who do you think lives here? I was thinking maybe a tiny little mouse. No a tiny little bear. I remember reading a cute picture book. The characters had such furniture. Its just a fun idea. This would be awesome for a writing prompt or a discussion.  

letterING projects

Day 4 School Days

words: recess and swing  thoughts: Remember the times we wished for just five more minutes of recess. What about  the kid who hogged the swing. It felt like forever before your turn. I want to paint this with such color. I’m thinking hues of  orange and yellow and a touch of teal or aqua. Oh… Continue reading Day 4 School Days

Watercolor Art

Day 3 School Days

I had to paint.   Supplies: watercolor, crayons Words: flower and crayons   Thoughts: One of the best activities to do in school is color.  Well I think so. What about the easy and fun paint by number worksheets? Oh the simple days.  I have this amazing idea to draw lots of crayons.    

Watercolor Art

Day 2 School Days

Words: book and window Thoughts: Books are awesome! Right now just think of all the characters that have transported you to another world and made you laugh , cry, hope, fight, fly, dream, live dare, and fear with them. You never forget these characters. Guess which books or characters?     Save