Why Little Lemonade Studio?

I love the little lemonade stand idea that kids have to raise money or simply have fun. Lemonade is sweet, playful and there’s nothing like it on a hot summer day. Sounds like a great name for my studio and my blog.

Hi! I’m Myra, the artist who nurtures the hopes and dreams of children-of any age really. I’m in love with hand lettering and water coloring. I’ll be showing my art and the creative process I go through. Thanks for stopping by, grab a glass of lemonade and have fun! Thirsty for more fun please checkout my pinterest board. I also post weekly creativities that help me become a better artist.

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Creativity: Another thought on creativity…

So there I was in the Off the Page store at California and I picked that contained some words in it that have changed my life….set the tone for celebrating an upcoming birthday.

One is yes there is a belief in a higher power and God. The fact that he wants us to be our full potential and trust in his love. Sure I love God and I trust him I thought but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. We say these words and yet we live in fear and in doubt of my dreams. If I truly trust God then there is no need to worry or falling in the trap of allowing others to define me by my mistakes and all the quote on quote material objects that society equates with success. There other one is to get back to what you love to do? What could you spend hours and hours doing only to lose track of time and amazingly wrap yourself in the arms of the world. I think that can only happen when you love. Love changes everything. I have always loved art. I drew when I was  bored in class, for birthday cards, to make signs and decorations for my mom. I still love this! I am dedicated to sharing my words and art.

Come on what do you love to do. Create.

What Is Creativity?

It is how you choose to tell your story. How you take what you have and the gift you’ve been given to make a difference. I have realized that the key to every dream is about learning how to make it work, letting go of everything we think success is-almost everything. You have to work harder than you ever think you have to.  To have faith in yourself to be you. For all this you need creativity don’t you?

P.S in a week I will begin the Halloween slash Fall Hand Lettering Series.

Creativity – Words

Take a word and draw it different ways. It doesn’t matter what you come up with just draw what comes to mind. Then take a look at it and see what you like and don’t like. 0807150927a

Harvest Hand lettering

So I can’t believe these times are among us. To tell you the truth I already feel like celebrating Christmas. Anyway I took a recent trip to Joann’s and I say some really great Harvest decor. I thought why don’t I do a Harvest Hand lettering Series. I am going to start working on hand lettering themed pieces. I am thinking candy letters, lettering on a pumpkin, new quotes with a you guessed it Harvest and Halloween theme.  Haven’t worked out all of the details yet but I am so exited about it and be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss a thing. This will probably be a theme for my creativities starting in September. I am not sure about the date.



Creativity- Hand Draw Your Favorite Song


Okay so all you do here is think of song that you just can’t seem to stop thinking about and write it. What emotion do you feel? Why is it your favorite song? Remember to have fun.

FYI this is a song that was featured in a movie that I really liked and the lyrics are good.

Creativity – Scribble Art


Okay so why am I showing you this…pretty brave of me but here goes.  I put on a song- Querro Ser by Amaya Montero. This means I want to be and some of the lyrics in English are as follows.  I want to be a free soul, serene and clear. I want to be the verb can…

I learned about this type of scribble art through a skillshare class. You draw and let yourself go without thinking of what you are doing. Put on a song and scribble. Then after the song is over look at it and just piece together what you see. This is what I did and then I added some words from the song.

Fear is the opposite of creativity…

Yes it sure is. I have been listening to this new podcast…well new to me! Here is the link…https://unmistakablecreative.com/

I listened to the one featuring Seth Godin.  He said some words that just made me feel so different…vulnerable and powerful… no excuses.

“If you are sitting there thinking how do I know if I will succeed. If you are asking this question then forget it because you have already lost”

Every time you are distracted and don’t feel like it or aren’t in the mood that is fear talking.

To conquer fear give it a name and recognize it. When it shows up dismiss it.

The real question is What is education for?

Please check out these candid conversations.

Go on listen and then create a hand lettering piece. I’ll post mine in a few days!