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Swim & Flow

You have to put yourself out there and Swim and just keep swimming. You also have to enjoy every moment of it and flow. Flow like the easy breezy current. Flow without a care in the world. Flow like you always know that we are all the same. I mean sure you and I are… Continue reading Swim & Flow

Drawing Time!

Imagine the Possibilities

I went to the festival and It was so amazing to see so many artists. As I looked at all of the colors, shapes and textures I giggle smiled. What’s a giggle smile you may ask? Ever see a kid  walking along and all of a sudden see a giant gumball machine. With a smile… Continue reading Imagine the Possibilities

Art That's Cool!

Gosh Darn It!

Supplies: Windsor paint and crayola Size 1 cottman brush Thoughts: Oh boy this brush is my best friend in the whole world right now!! You see all along I have been practicing details with a size 0 and the results were a big sad face.  I mean okay they were not that bad, but then… Continue reading Gosh Darn It!

little lemonade studio

I’m going to live my love story

Class Activity to figure out who and what I am-how to tell my story I am an artist. Make no mistake about that.  Maybe I am a superhero and my powers are I can express my thoughts with my art. These were everything to me and still are. I have lots of ideas and now… Continue reading I’m going to live my love story

Art That's Cool!

Fully Painted

Tools: watercolor paint and a little acrylic for the mistakes I made Thoughts: Gosh I realize that you have to take your time and there’s so much to just painting. Do I want to be an impressionist and focus on painting what I see and more importantly what’ s in my heart? Yes I really… Continue reading Fully Painted

Mason Jar Talk

Hardest Part of Being an Artist

Latest Sketch I have gone through so many revisions. Wow my letters look much better. I love and get excited with an idea. Then I look to my right or to my left and see something amazing! Then I look down at my idea and maybe the lines are drawn thicker. Maybe the color is… Continue reading Hardest Part of Being an Artist