Why Little Lemonade Studio?

I love the little lemonade stand idea that kids have to raise money or simply have fun. Lemonade is sweet, playful and there’s nothing like it on a hot summer day. Sounds like a great name for my studio and my blog. Hi! I’m Myra, the artist who nurtures the hopes and dreams of children-of any age really. I’m in love with hand lettering and water coloring. This is how I am telling my story. I’ll be showing my art and the creative process I go through. Thanks for stopping by, grab a glass of lemonade and have fun! Thirsty for more fun please checkout my pinterest boad.

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A Painter’s Palette


Everyone can be given the same palette with exactly the same colors an the same brush…but everyone will create what they want. Some will see it as an overwhelming possibility and others will be so excited at the thrill of creating whatever they choose.   Someone might dream of so many colors and create them. Someone may draw a handbag. Someone may draw stick figures. Another may draw a flower? What would you paint? Everyone will paint something different yet equally beautiful! The point is you can paint whatever it is you want to paint. Paint with your heart and realize that someone out there will see it. You will have their attention for mere seconds. You can change their world. So what will you say? What will you paint? Because you can change the world. If you are doubtful then that is why you have yet to succeed.


I have been taking a step back at my work and going over basic letter forms and working on fundamentals for my work.  For the coming weeks you may see less of my art and more creative activities so stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe so you can participate in more creativities and see more of my art. I will be launching my studio soon as well. Thanks! cropped-0515151552.jpg



I am proud of this work and feeling comfortable as an artist.

As always every like is a vote of confidence. Oh yeah Your greatest treasure is not in what you have monetary wise. It is all about what you do with the gift that you have been given! Multiply it!

For thought


Why do we have to grow up out of the place that makes us dream and be comfortable with who we are. I mean when you are a kid you play and have fun for the FUN of it. You didn’t think about the what-ifs. You lived for the moment and nothing was impossible. Everything was possible!  Let’s get back to simpler times.  This is how we will become our full potential!

Project for Lemon Theme Party

I am working on this project practice. A lemon theme party and have the notes on food I plan to serve. Let me know what you think. I have more that I will post on this party. Coming next week. Please hit the like button if you like it. Every like is a vote of confidence. Thanks!

little lemon

lemon party