Watercolor Art

Watercolor with Food Color…

…….What? I came across this idea while guest teaching and OH  BOY am I glad! I had to try one just to make sure I knew exactly how to do it. OKAY the curiosity and passion just called my name.  I can’t believe how awesome they came out.   Supplies: coffee liners, food coloring, droppers,… Continue reading Watercolor with Food Color…

Watercolor Art

Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: Passionate   Passion is everything and I can explain. When I dip my brush in in one color and blob it on the paper.  Then add another color the same way. As I watch it flow and become one wherever it chooses I giggle smile. When I get a prompt like the… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Passionate

Watercolor Art

Watercolor Exhibit at the LA County Fair

There I was oohing and awing at all of the watercolor and flowers. I just kept thinking there is so much I have yet to learn with watercolor. Oh how this excites me! I felt like I was in a candy store. I have never heard of this HEMA gouache paint. I want to know… Continue reading Watercolor Exhibit at the LA County Fair

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Learn as you go!

These are my very first paintings of this idea. Talk about a humble beginning.   I have lots more tries. This is my most recent painting and layout.   Always learn from you mistakes and keep working everyday. I know I have said this over and over again but its the truth. Your best work happens… Continue reading Learn as you go!

Watercolor Art

Cake Prompt

It’s almost my birthday!  It’s been awhile since I have created such art. “Cake isn’t good for you.” they said. Who will buy your digital art?  Do I listen or do I give it my all and decide for myself? This began my journal of self discovery. The only problem is I have countless hours… Continue reading Cake Prompt

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Watercolor Letters

  I painted this using the wet on wet technique. You basically take your watered bush and draw your letters. Then you dip the brush in paint and tap the inside of the letter and let the paint fall where it will. It will adhere to the wet area. Aside from being fun to watch,… Continue reading Watercolor Letters

letterING projects

Day 10 School Days

  words: room and desk thoughts: Just some doodles for a classroom. Okay that’s a wrap! Hope you all had fun thinking about the good old days. Make some art. I want to see your art. Share on instagram  with #schooldazeart I will think up a general clever # so you can share your work… Continue reading Day 10 School Days