I believe in Sugar


This is my journal of all the things that inspire me to have a sweet life. Sometimes I will write about a delicious cake, a whimsical thought, or a behind the scenes look at the designs I create in my shop. Enjoy my blog and may all your days be sweet ones!

Practically No-Sew Cosmetic Bag


The supplies I needed. I didn’t show the needle and thread.


Here is the finished bag. The glue is so sticky that it clogs the top of the glue cap. I had to use my finger to spread it evenly and it did take a few hours for the glue to dry. It was a very easy process. I think I may be better off sewing it.  What do you think? I am testing out different ideas. Maybe I should add a zipper instead of a button? I also plan on adding an I love cupcakes art image in pink right below the button. What do you think? I would love to have your comments. Checkout my art on my etsy page and let me know what other art you like and if you would like to see it on a tote bag or pillow or whatever.

Here is the link to this project. Try it for yourself. Send me a picture of your finished project.


Have a sweet day




-Have a sweet day!

Be Positive

Interesting thought….I looked at the attendance list and recognized a students name. I told her during class that I recognized her name, and her from a previous Kinder class I had subbed for. She looked at me and said,”You remember me because I got in trouble right?” Any I told her actually no. I remembered her for the cute little kinder girl who now loots so much grown up and taller in 5th grade. The point is yes this girl does have behavior issues in class and it lead me to think about my actions. I was glad that my memory of her was a positive one. I believe that it is important to focus on the positive with every child and treat them for who they can be and truly are. I truly believe that all children are good and it is the environment that surrounds them that makes all the difference. I once read this book  about how if you label someone they are more inclined to behave this way. Interesting thought. Often I am told by teachers to be strict and how some kids are “trouble makers and such”  Yes children need discipline but maybe with a little extra attention and understanding and focusing on what good they are then maybe behaviors will change. I don’t know but I certainly learned that every one needs to be treated with kindness. Sometimes it can be easy to get frustrated but the best thing to do is to look at them eye to eye in a calm voice and let them know that they are important and can do better. Like I said I try to be this way all the time and sometimes I do have a challenge. I am so appreciative of all the children and classrooms I get to be a part of because they help me grow in so many ways-gold bless them always!! be-positive

New artsmell-the-candy-copyI and graduation cards coming soon!

Some fun pictures from Las Vegas


This place needs no introduction.


The Forum Shops


Gardens at The Venetian


Gardens at the Palazzo. I do go the Bellagio gardens and what do you think happened…my phone battery died. Oh well I have the memories of being there.


I went to the M&M store and the Coca Cola store. Image

Luxor Hotel- the hotel we stayed at. I did lots more and wish I had taken more pictures of the Pink’s chilli dog and chilli fries I ate. They were so go and just how are the hot dogs so crisp when you bite into them…so good! I also had some coconut shrimp at the Outback steak house. They were also delicious. The place was on the fourth flour and the view was good and the service was amazing! Oh I also had a pink tale cocktail and should of taken a picture of this too. No I didn’t win but this is okay because I am a winner in other ways right.

Have a sweet day!



Here is a link to my pinterest page. I am working on creating boards that are all about what I love. You will find some great songs or a craft project or an amazing place…all ideas that are carefree and positive.  I went to Las Vegas last week for a few days and had a great time! I took some pictures and will be posting those. I also realize that I have yet to post a craft project. I have been thinking and thinking about ideas and can’t seem to find the right idea. I am looking for an echo way to add my art to mugs and mason jars. If you have any ideas please let me know. I will be posting later on this week.

Hippity Hop, Spring Is Here!

Spring is here and I just love the Easter decor at Target.


Yes the bunny and chick cake pans are fabulous!

I have noticed a change in colors at the clothing stores. Well I have seen them for a while but recently thought hey why not take pictures of colors, combinations and patterns for inspiration in my art.

Here is one that I just love:


Love the pink and love the green. I am loving the royal blue color. I will have to get a blouse in this shade and maybe some jewelery. I will be heading to Las Vegas in a few weeks for spring break and am so excited. I simply can’t wait to shop, go to the hotels and eat some good food! I will be taking tons of pictures of ideas that inspire me and that I love. I love the Bellagio gardens and oh so many hotels and their ambiance. I will be sharing my photos. If you have any cool pictures you’d like to share please comment below or come find me on pinterest and let me know.

About my typography game. Those of you that are new subscribers, my typography game is that I simply take pictures of interesting typography that inspires me and now colors.  I will share my ideas here and on my pinterest page. I love to do the same on etsy as well.


There are tons and this is my favorite right now.

Oh and thanks to Chris Spooner for amazing tutorials. This is my latest tutorial and here it is.


Well I am excited for spring and have just about all of my supplies and ideas for upcoming projects and will continue to

work on ideas. Like I said I will be experimenting with adding my typography on tote bags and cosmetic bags and mason jar lemonade glasses. Please look at my etsy shop and if there is a design you want me to use, then let me know. I look forward to selling my products along with my art

-Have a sweet day!