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A sweet peach is good and sweet and that is what this blog is all about. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and have fun. I have been online for a long time now browsing everything I love, a great song, a great quote, awesome party decorations, latest sugar rush and simply anything that makes me smile, laugh and think about life. I hope you do the same. This blog is also an extension of my etsy shop I believe in sugar. Here you will be the first to see new art, art ideas and contests and other fun.

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More Carvings and Costum Ideas

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These carvings are part of the Halloween Festivities they have at Disneyland. The carnival is cute and fun for kids. This celebration is not at all gory and you get to see your favorite pals in their costumes. If you can, go you should.

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Party City has some really cute costumes and Disneyland has a really cute Anna and Elsa Costume….oh I should have taken a picture of them.

I am going to try pumpkin carving this weekend. What is your favorite childhood costume?

Halloween Handlettering

So there I was waiting for the light to change and then I noticed a guy who had painted Happy Halloween on a window storefront. He also painted some Halloween inspired bats…and I forgot what else but I thought hey, what a cool job and an amazing example of the demand for hand lettering! I wish I could do that. What kind of paints did he use? What a cool example of how you can put your work out there. I have been practicing my art and I am coming along. I also recently found out that one of the bloggers I follow has her items in American Eagle Outfitters stores. What another awesome example that my dreams can come true. I mean I have always loved making birthday cards with big block letters and drawing patterns and who knew I could make a career of it. One can draw for animation, street signs, store signs, magazines, logo design, children’s books and so much more.   If you have any Hand lettering advice please comment below.

Wish I could have taken a picture of the Halloween store but here is a picture of the items.  They are by Wit and Whistle.


In a few days, I will be posting some more Pumpkins pictures and cool kids costumes.

Some Interesting Items…..

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These are from Target. Are these new? I have never seen them before. Some interesting flavors and Day of The Dead inspired treats.

If you have tried or will be buying any of these new products let me know.

My latest attempt at drawing and water coloring. Have any tips or supplies I should try? Then let me know. I am looking for a water color brush pen and am thinking I should stick to an old fashioned watercoloring set by Talens.

how many seeds_0001

Yes the resolution is not right, I am learning how to take my drawings and convert them to digital art.

Have a sweet day!

How many days till Halloween?

Is it me or does the time seem like it is going fast. Sometimes it feels this way and other times it goes okay. Anyway I have been thinking about what I love about Halloween. I do love Halloween but not in the zombie horror aspect. What I love most is seeing kids dressed up in their favorite superhero or princess. These days a princess can also be a hero.

Here is my top ten list about Halloween

1. Dress Up.


2. All of the pumpkin inspired goodies.

Pumpkin Spice Frap at Starbucks. I here it is good. Pumpkin Pie and these delicious gummies I got at DisneyLand.


3. A DIY decor opportunity

I love to see decorations and decorating is fun too.

4. The haunted mansion at Disneyland. This is the only one I will go in and it is where two holidays collide.

5. Schools and libraries have parades where kids can proudly walk and show off their Ninja Turtles costume. Love the smiles.

6……not sure

What do you love about Halloween?